Corporate Fitness Programs Help Get You Fit April 11, 2018 Admin

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There are many different ways that people from all cultures and regions of the world have for healing their bodies and making their lives much easier. In this article we are going to discuss the reasons why it’s good to start a corporate fitness program that will help you achieve a much healthier lifestyle. Corporate Fitness Sydney is the best way to go about this and you will be spending a very small amount of money in comparison to the kind of medicine that you would need to cure the same issues if you go to the doctor if you get sick.

Human beings have been trying to find new ways to cure their illnesses for a long time now. There are many ways to maintain your body in good health, such as eating good foods, exercising and keeping stress to a minimum, but the problem is that some people have neglected their health long enough and they have started to feel the repercussions of this carelessness.

The Kettlebell Deadlift January 17, 2018 Admin

The Kettlebell Deadlift

The deadlift is a tried and trusted workout that is usually performed using barbells. However, when you use kettlebells, the very simple and ordinary deadlift can transform into a killer workout targeting multiple muscles all over your body. It is therefore important that you learn to do the deadlift correctly during your kettlebell courses for trainers so that you can teach your clients how to master the form and technique of this deceptively effective kettlebell movement.

Benefits of doing Kettlebell Deadlift

The deadlift is considered to be a fundamental kettlebell movement and is taught at kettlebell courses for trainers. It is easy to master and is just perfect for beginners who are learning how to maneuver the kettlebell correctly. Visit the Online Fitness Courses website for more on learning to be a kettlebell instructor!

The deadlift is also the perfect workout to master the technique of hip hinge. Hinging at the hips is another movement that is performed during several workouts. Mastering the technique helps you to derive the optimum benefits of the workouts while avoiding several common injuries that are caused due to incorrect form.

The deadlift is highly effective in targeting large muscle groups in your back, the glutes and hamstrings. It also helps improve posture and stability and helps improve your grip.

How to do the Kettlebell Deadlift

To do the deadlift correctly, begin by placing the kettlebell at the centre between your feet so that it is in a straight line with your body. Stand with feet placed slightly wider than shoulder width with toes pointing outward.

Perform the hip hinge i.e. bend the body at the hips instead of at the lower back. Push the hips out backward while maintaining a straight spine. Remember that the movement should be from the hips and not your lower back.

Grip the kettlebell firmly by its horn with both hands and press your biceps against your body. Lift the kettlebell in one explosive motion and drive it overhead with a powerful thrust of your hips. When done correctly, your hips will move forward naturally, resulting in a swinging motion which is what kettlebell workouts are all about.

Hold position with the body in a straight line with the kettlebell held overhead at the centre of your head. Now lower your body by hinging at the hips and place the kettlebell at exactly the same position on the ground in between your feet.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Kettlebell courses will teach you about several common mistakes that your kettlebell exerciseclients may make while doing the kettlebell deadlift. Know more about these so that you can help your clients do their kettlebell workouts safely and effectively.

Firstly, the hip hinge is an integral part of the deadlift and should always engage the hips and never the lower back.

Secondly, always maintain a straight spine i.e. never bend your back or round the shoulders while trying to lift the kettlebell. Keep the head up and look ahead throughout the movement. Do not follow the movement of the kettlebell by moving your head accordingly.


Thirdly, maintain a firm grip and move the kettlebell in fluid motions by using the thrust of your hips.

Tips For Hiring a Personal Trainer With The Correct Personal Training Certifications July 6, 2017 Admin

Exercising for just 15 minutes is way better than no exercise at all – it can relax your nerves and make you fit. If a few minutes can benefit your body so much, imagine how effective will a personal trainer will be.

With a personal trainer by your side and people to keep you company, you can easily learn how to stay fit and keep your body in its best state in no time.


No matter what your objective is behind joining a boot camp or hiring a fitness professional, you will get the desired results, which will not only make life simpler but also lift up your confidence.

Results of a successful training are gratifying; you’ll know once you get started.

Fitness should be as important as the food you eat everyday.

After all, keeping yourself away from diseases will help you in the long run.

But, you’ll want to hire a personal trainer with the right certifications. Choosing a Fitness Australia course can be a tough decision for many personal trainers, so make sure they have all the right qualifications. 

There are people who suffer from heart diseases, obesity, cholesterol and blood pressure problems because their bodies are too inactive owing to lack of exercises. You don’t have to be that way – boot camps workouts help ensure that your body gets all the physical activity it needs.

Working on the body as one entity makes your entire body fit, tones all the muscles and get rids of the fat on every part of the body. Interval training is what they call it, changing from one exercise to another every few minutes just so your body doesn’t get accustomed to any one exercise.

Boot Camp at Dangerously Fit Gold Coast is a perfect alternative to fat loss pills. June 30, 2017 Admin

Fat loss pills are gaining popularity among the young people who are desperate about shedding their extra fats accumulated in various parts of the body in a short period of time. The negative side effects of these pills outweigh their positive effects. Gold Coast Bootcamps are better than consuming fat loss pills. Here are some benefits of working out at a Dangerously Fit Gold Coast boot camp over the fat loss pills.

Fat loss pills are capable of depriving you of a good and sound sleep at night. The main ingredients in the pill are derivatives of caffeine which can affect your normal sleeping pattern to the point of insomnia. Gold Coast Bootcamp on the other hand consists of a set of energy demanding exercises which promise you an undisturbed sleep at night.

Most of the fat loss pills are addictive in nature. They make you suffer from various nervous disorders. Sometimes, people become slaves to these pills and find it hard to live without them. Dangerously Fit Gold Coast workouts are always constructive and refreshing. Being addicted to exercise does not have any side effects. Rather you would love to stick to a healthy schedule.

Dangerously Fit Gold Coast

An ingredient like ephedrine fastens the fat burning process and upsets the normal rate of metabolism in the body. This leads to various irregularities in the digestive system and in the cardio vascular system. People having abnormal medical records in blood pressure, heart diseases put themselves at a higher level of risk when they consume these pills.

Dangerously Fit Gold Coast comprise of different set of exercises to suit people of varying age and medical history. Dangerously Fit Gold Coast is known for its set of exercises designed with gradual increase in their intensities. Hence the body gets toned in a natural way without causing any disturbance to its digestive, nervous and cardio vascular systems.

Many of us have the false notion that the consumption of fat loss pills in large quantities will quicken the fat burning process. But the fact is contradictory. The more pills you take, the more you are going to suffer. A good number of people are allergic to the pill’s ingredients which results in irritations, skin problems, dry mouth, abnormal menstrual cycle, and digestive tract problems.

Dangerously Fit Gold Coast will save you from side effects like allergies and irritations since they make use of exercises and proper diet charts to achieve the results. So, enroll yourself in a Bootcamp on Gold Coast conducted by some of the renowned Gold Coast Personal Trainers. Visit and save yourself from the side effects of fat loss pills.

5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer March 30, 2017 Admin

According to the 2011-12 Australian health survey, approximately 70% of Aussie Adults have poor levels of physical activity or an all-together sedentary lifestyle.  If you’re one among these 12 million, you’d do well to know that the perfect prescription for workout (as per the Australian physical activity guidelines) is

2.5 – 5 hours of moderately intense exercise (or 1.25 – 2.5 hours of highly intense workout) per week.

Strength training on at least 2 days out of 7.

Yoga or stretching on recovery days.

While you may exercise alone at home, nothing can beat a gym session under an informed personal trainer. His experience as fitness professional and over a decade of online fitness coaching allows him to tailor the exercise program to suit your health conditions, persona and eagerness for improvement.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the benefits sustained gym activity gives you.

Puts a cap on BMI

A high BMI inflates your chances of becoming a diabetic, having a heart attack or (/and!) being afflicted with cancer. It’s no surprise then, that excessive body weight is the second highest contributor to disease in Australia.

Both cardio and weightlifting speed up metabolism, lead to higher calorie-burn and build you a lean, fat-free, healthy body.  In fact, anaerobic workout is proven to reverse aging-induced loss of muscle mass and strength.

Boosts heart and lung function

Endurance training strengthens your heart, widens its arteries and eases up blood flow. This apart, it also attacks the cholesterol and plaque deposits in your arterial walls and alleviates hypertension.

Periodic aerobic exertion enhance your ability to draw oxygen from the atmosphere, make your breathing more effective and add to lung volume.

Dan Clay, a Gold Coast personal trainer believes 80% of your results are due to diet, with the remaining 20% due to exercise.


Regulates blood-sugar

Recent years have seen more and more Aussies turning diabetic, with 280 persons being the yearly addition to the pre-existing pool.

When combined with a low-sugar diet, periodic HIIT helps your body effectively use insulin to reduce your blood-glucose levels.

Improves memory and sleep

Continuous physical training activates brain cells which, in turn, endow you with a better memory and a higher intellect. Naturally, your risk of getting old-age diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s is minimized.

Regular workouts ensure ideal working of your 24-hour body clock (AKA the sleep/wake cycle).  You, therefore, sleep well at night and stay active during the day.

Keeps you happy

Physical activity releases endorphins, the ‘happy’ chemicals, in your blood.  This not only elevates your mood during performance in the fitness centre but keeps it upbeat even hours there-after. A HIIT regime, in particular, makes you experience a narcotic ‘high’ and does a better job at keeping away the blues than your anti-depressant pill (sans side-effects!).

Habitual exercise also keeps in check the internal stressors,, adrenaline and cortisol; meaning, you don’t worry as much as you used to and, instead, focus on the positives in your life. Visit for a full library of fun and effective workout.

Hence, be sure to gift yourself good health under the expert guidance of a qualified personal trainer. You totally deserve it and much more!

Morocan Madness May 23, 2010 by Daisy Thomas (Surfer)

Hey People, Hope the season at home is going off! I have been holding off writing a blog as I have not yet uploaded any photos and as you can imagine Morocco does not have the fastest Internet time but I will give you a wee update now.

So I have started work with two weeks of Roxy Surf Weeks which has been crazy but really enjoyable, I am currently sitting very relaxed after a traditional Hammam and massage which consists of wearing paper underwear, getting scrubbed from head to toe and bathed. It is an incredible feeling and your skin comes out feeling the softest it has been since you were a wee tot. After two weeks of solid days in the sun, sand and ocean it was high time for a good relaxation.

It is interesting being a western woman in a Muslim country, at first I felt very vulnerable and out of my depth but as the days go by my surroundings are more familiar. There are not many women you see around the streets and when they are out and about they are covered from head to toe in their traditional jalabas and as you can imagine a western woman sticks out like a sore thumb but it has been nice covering up trying to fit into the culture.

The surf has not been amazing but its warm and I have been meeting some unreal people. Stay tuned for pics and more updates. Chur

Blown ACL Video… May 20, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Holla Gang, I have put together a new video of the set I had when I blew out my knee… Check it out, you can totally see my knee bend sideways… Ouch!

I am back off to the US in 1 week so I will have some more videos and updates of my progress as I go.. Time for me to leave this country as its starting to get a little to cold for me.
NMD Mountain Dew Blaketown Challenge May 20, 2010 by Mountain Dew NZ
THE RODNEY TIMES WRITE UP!! Keen to get back in action… May 18, 2010 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

So back home again in Kaukapakapa, Auckland waiting to get the okay from my orthopedic surgeon for whether or not I will be able to compete this NZ season and CARALISE MOORE did a wee write up in The Rodney Times check it out…

But im sure everyone is buzzing for the season to start!! Not long now!! Fingers crossed ill get to be apart of it – anyone know where to find new collar bones???….

Sled to the Summit PHASE 1 May 15, 2010 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

Hey, Got a quick lil blog up from the start of the sled to the summit series.

The first step to get snowmobiles from the states to NZ is to get them put in crates so they can be put on a boat and shipped.



Golfing in Mexico May 14, 2010 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

New Video!! May 13, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Yo Dew’ds, Check out my new video!!! This is footage from when I was in Texas about a week or so before I blew out my knee.

I am so stoked with it especially considering it was all shot in 2 rides.

Thanks to Adam Burwell and Spencer for filming, Adam again for putting it together, and Jeromy from for funding the trip.
Battle of The Bands May 13, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Its that time of year again! The Wellington Battle of The Bands are about to kick off this weekend with heat one.

Hosted by Zeal, The Battle Of The Bands is a competition for young bands to battle it out. They get 12 minutes to perform 2 original songs to the judges and audience!

So far there are 21 bands entered – If you are in a band its not too late to enter!! If you are keen to head along to watch the competition then Heat one is this friday 14th May, Heat two 21st May and The Finals will be 28th May!

There are great prizes up for grabs! Including Mountain Dew ofcourse, there’s a full fridge on stage!

See you there!!

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