5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer March 30, 2017 Admin

According to the 2011-12 Australian health survey, approximately 70% of Aussie Adults have poor levels of physical activity or an all-together sedentary lifestyle.  If you’re one among these 12 million, you’d do well to know that the perfect prescription for workout (as per the Australian physical activity guidelines) is

2.5 – 5 hours of moderately intense exercise (or 1.25 – 2.5 hours of highly intense workout) per week.

Strength training on at least 2 days out of 7.

Yoga or stretching on recovery days.

While you may exercise alone at home, nothing can beat a gym session under an informed personal trainer. His experience as fitness professional and over a decade of online fitness coaching allows him to tailor the exercise program to suit your health conditions, persona and eagerness for improvement.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the benefits sustained gym activity gives you.

Puts a cap on BMI

A high BMI inflates your chances of becoming a diabetic, having a heart attack or (/and!) being afflicted with cancer. It’s no surprise then, that excessive body weight is the second highest contributor to disease in Australia.

Both cardio and weightlifting speed up metabolism, lead to higher calorie-burn and build you a lean, fat-free, healthy body.  In fact, anaerobic workout is proven to reverse aging-induced loss of muscle mass and strength.

Boosts heart and lung function

Endurance training strengthens your heart, widens its arteries and eases up blood flow. This apart, it also attacks the cholesterol and plaque deposits in your arterial walls and alleviates hypertension.

Periodic aerobic exertion enhance your ability to draw oxygen from the atmosphere, make your breathing more effective and add to lung volume.

Dan Clay, a Gold Coast personal trainer believes 80% of your results are due to diet, with the remaining 20% due to exercise.


Regulates blood-sugar

Recent years have seen more and more Aussies turning diabetic, with 280 persons being the yearly addition to the pre-existing pool.

When combined with a low-sugar diet, periodic HIIT helps your body effectively use insulin to reduce your blood-glucose levels.

Improves memory and sleep

Continuous physical training activates brain cells which, in turn, endow you with a better memory and a higher intellect. Naturally, your risk of getting old-age diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s is minimized.

Regular workouts ensure ideal working of your 24-hour body clock (AKA the sleep/wake cycle).  You, therefore, sleep well at night and stay active during the day.

Keeps you happy

Physical activity releases endorphins, the ‘happy’ chemicals, in your blood.  This not only elevates your mood during performance in the fitness centre but keeps it upbeat even hours there-after. A HIIT regime, in particular, makes you experience a narcotic ‘high’ and does a better job at keeping away the blues than your anti-depressant pill (sans side-effects!).

Habitual exercise also keeps in check the internal stressors, viz.ly, adrenaline and cortisol; meaning, you don’t worry as much as you used to and, instead, focus on the positives in your life. Visit www.dangerouslyfit.com.au for a full library of fun and effective workout.

Hence, be sure to gift yourself good health under the expert guidance of a qualified personal trainer. You totally deserve it and much more!