Boat Trip Photo Shoot in Papua New Guinea! February 26, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Hi guys, so exciting – I’m going to Papua New Guinea with a few Pro guy surfers (I’m going to be the only girl surfer on board). It all happened so quickly because this nice swell was forecasted and Andrew Sheild the photographer for Australian Surfing Life magazine thought that this was the best opportunity to get the best waves, so it all literally happened within a couple of days.  Yesterday we found out about the swell and today tickets were booked!!!  So I’m heading off to PNG tomorrow yeesh so quick! Very exciting!

We will be on a boat for 8 days traveling around finding the most remote best surfing conditions.  It is forecasted that we will find beautiful 4-6ft reef breaks. I have never been to PNG and it’s a pretty remote surfing area so without a doubt we will be surfing some un-crowded surf!!  I’ll write another blog when I get back with heaps of pics from my trip!

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