Papua New Guinea Explorer Day 1 March 11, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Day 1 on the PNG explorer.

The plane touched down on a little island called Kavieng. There we met the captain Andrew and all of the boys and I piled into the back of a ute and headed for the boat called the PNG explorer. Jude our awesome chef prepared us an amazing dinner whilst we were moored in the harbour when we all went to bed the skipper left Kavieng and headed about 6 hours south.

Our boat - the PNG Explorer

We woke up to find we were moored in-between these two amazing little islands full of nothing but palm trees, bush and a few traditional PNG huts. The day started with the most amazing breakfast spread, pancakes tropical fruit freshly baked bread, cereal and an espresso coffee to kick start the morning. We loaded the surf boards and piled into the 24 footer boat and went searching for the best breaking waves. The Slab was the first wave we surfed and it was pretty challenging as the tide was super low so there wasn’t much water over the coral reef. The boys were taking off on some super shallow narly waves that just closed out. Dru took off on one of the biggest sets and got smashed onto the reef he came up with blood seeping through his shirt  so I made sure I took off on the ones that were actually going to have a bit of  a wall and not kill me on the first surf. After a few hours we all went back to the PNG explorer got the lime juice out and squeezed it into all the fresh cuts to kill all the bacteria and live organisms that are on the coral reef and then gorged ourselves on lunch while we waited for the wind to drop and the tide to fill up.

The next arvo sesh was so much better it was actually a bit bigger but not that same dry reef I took off on a few bigger ones and started to get the feel for that wave. We all had a good session but my last wave I took off really late got caught in the lip and smashed to the reef hit my hip really hard but was lucky not to get all scrapped up – I think I got away pretty lightly really. In all it was a awesome challenging first day in PNG.

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