2010 Nats April 6, 2010 by Braedon Williams

Well there’s only one way to say this but I had a shocker in this years annual New Zealand Surfing Nationals.  I was seeded into the seccond round of the Open Mens and I got knocked out 2nd round, that’s it that’s all haha . . .

After being knocked out this allowed me to have a lot more free surfing time on my hands.  So for the next 3 days I just got to cruise round Gizzy surfing really good waves, can’t complain at all huh!  I’m back in Whanaga now and have had the last three days pumping!  The beach has been really good with some great banks, the Bars been alright but really crowded so nothing new there . . . I’m off for Promite on toast :)

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