O’Neill Sequence Shop Pro – Braedon Williams November 10, 2009 by Braedon Williams

md-logo-profile-clear-70Hey guys! Whats been happening?  I just got back from Gizzy where the first contest for the season, the O’Neill Sequence Pro was held!  It was a pretty successful weekend with the contest being held at Red Bus in pumping 3 to 4 feet and clean offshore for day one!  The Open Men were out for most of the day with some really impressive surfing going down, I was ceded into round 2 of the Open Men and I came up against Damon Guinness from Gizzy and Alex Dive.  It was a really hard heat and we were all pushing each other really hard for every wave but I came up short in the end, I was stoked to have a good heat with those boys but it just didn’t go my way.

My next heat in the water was the Under 20 Division, by this time the wind had changed direction and was blowing Southerly, so yes that made the temperature drop a bit and made it a bit harder to get into the wet wetsuit haha!  I ended up surfing three heats in the Under 20 Division that took me through to the semi finals, all the heats were really stacked from round one so I was pretty stoked to make a few rounds!  I didn’t go too well in my semi; the surf had changed a lot by this point and it was really hard to get a wave that linked through!  I was up against Alex Dive, Paco Divers and Buck Woods and I ended up coming 4th in the heat.  

I just didn’t get any good scores but o’well stoked to make a few hard heats and now I’m just focusing on the next one and of course I’m going to try and get some waves on the East coast!  They haven’t been the best few weeks for us over here but sooner or later we should get some waves, fingers crossed!  So anyways thats what I have been up to, check back soon for another update!  Catch ya!

You can check out the press release from the event here.

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