Update from Braedon Williams (Whangamata) September 24, 2009 by Braedon Williams

Well where do I start . . . its been a freezing cold winter but there has been loads of swell on the East Coast and also some of the beaches up North producing some all time beach break barrells.  The Whanga Bar has also been in good form with some really fun hollow barrells going down and the crowds haven’t been too bad either.  The swell last week on the East Coast was a goodie, I paddled over to Matakana Island with a couple of mates and scored some pumping barrells right throughout both that day and the next couple of days after as well!

Summer is on its way and it’s slowly getting warmer; hopefully its a good one for swell and we score some good waves!  If you’re around Whanga you will be able to catch me taking surfing lessons down on the main beach right through out summer and if you’re lucky I should have some cold Dew with me!  But of course I’ll also be out there surfing as much as I can!  Check out the website out again soon and I’ll update on what I have been up to!

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