CHRISTY PRIOR BRAKES HERSELF OFF!!…. March 8, 2010 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

Let me rephrase that….. EXPLODED COLLAR BONE!! oh, o…. check these out!!

This is what eventuates when you don’t make the right call dropping into a jump…  after getting put off by a skier coming across my side of the drop in causing me to swerve and take a different line then I’m used too off the take off I decided to continue and hit it anyway…. bad move… heels slip out in front of me and after not being able to bring my super corked maneuver back to my feet, instead I land on my neck/shoulders on the knuckle…. not fun… Check out the rest of the pics below…

thank god for landing on my head a bit as don’t have the best recollection of what went down-when i saw the x rays i was like.. daaaammmm-that  must of hurt!! hahaa,

Thanks to all my buddies for taking me under there wings-your the best!! -this is my Dr. Rose… hahaa, highly recomended!! :)

The ladies and the flowers with a singing card-so good!! :)

After the ladies taking such good care of me -even washing my hair, i felt like i was in a spa.. not recovery!!!

yay flowers and tall tee’s…. making life that little bit easier!!

-could think of worse views to look at while in hospital- yay to a speedy recovery!!

My entertainment- thanks Ellen and Logan hahahaa…

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