Keep’n on keeping on!!! Spring is here! April 19, 2010 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

What have I been doing with my time of late?….. Well our days are getting warmer here in Banff, Canada as the winter has given way to spring -and let me tell you-hands down my favourite time of the season for sure!!!!

Some evening skate sessions, so very called for…

Guilaume Fortin, having a time.

Popped over to Ottawa, Canada’s capital seeing some sights and catching up with a fellow kiwi shredder Charlotte Trundle also road tripping it to Quebec where we rode Tremblant, a lot of fun!!

Quebec is just litted with famous hand rails throughout snowboard films… heres one we were real into!! …next year maybe =)

Then back to Ottawa.. where we then thought of our most genius idea yet- tandom bike riding!! Comes highly recommended by us- a.k.a two very happy campers!!

Justine and I…. killing it, no big deal. Ha ha.

Then as revelstokes closing day was approaching quick stat and with mother nature showing us she’s still got it we made the mish- only a 3hour drive from Banff and dinky hotel room later we made it pumped for what the next day would unravel… Tim Horton’s for breakfast and we were good to go! debatably one the best days riding yet!! Fresh snow up to our arm pits in some places, pretty much the mountain to ourselves and of course revelstokes amazing terrain- how could we not have, right?? Right.

We had a local shredder to show us the money spots -thank goodness as ripping around this mountain and not knowing where your going is a liablity! many many cliff drops that just spring up on you…. as me and Chantal found out the hard way hahaha…

Then back to Banff for some fun spring shredding up sunshine and lake louise!!!!

Zinc…. is a must!!!!!!

Enjoying the beautiful weather – going back to NZ in 10days!!!!!! ohhh to be able to stay until the end of spring…. but duty calls! (or, just that im out of money! ha)

Tunnel mountain hike has found its way into my daily routine, about an hour round trip to the top where you can look out over the whole of Banff.

Really quite something, love being among the mountains, humbling.

Collar bone that I went and shattered has now passed the six week mark but still have to take it easy and rehab time very soon!! So good to be back on the snow just mucking around but… NZ season- its onnnn!! =)

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