Surived the first week as camp mum…just!!!! December 19, 2009 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

christy-prior-profile-clear-70-newOne of my jobs at the moment that is slowly but surely contributing to my Canada fund is working at a horse riding venue located out in Parakai, NZ – Tasman Rides.

Here I am a trekking guide and also an instructor. Over the school holidays they hold between 1-4day camps for the kids too which Ive taken on the role as “camp mother” along with other guides we teach kids up up to 17years old how to gear up, ride and look after a horse then once the day is over I make the transformation from coach to mother-feeding and entertaining the young’ns, staying on site with them then back up at 7am nipping at there heels until there fed, showered and ready to do it all again by 9am! -I run a tight shift! hahah.

041 edited

Retrieving the horses into the day stables were they will be used for school holiday camps or going out in the area,over theĀ  farm or to the beach on separate rides throughout the day.


Getting the gear out ready to start saddling up the horses.


First day of xmas school holiday camps -my group out for a hack over the 300 acre farm :)


Stopping for a wee drink and a splash!!! hot work lugging us lazy humans around on a hot day ain’t it boys!


Spot light round one!!! …getting into character somewhat to much some might say?…. complete with tea towels on heads and house paint on face-we were away!!


We were even up before the rest of the crew!!! 7am starts, the horses milking every last minute of relaxation they have!-and fern, the deer-shes got an excuse to be lazy -shes pregnant!! :)


Even fern’s hooked on the DEW!!!


Morin ride in the arena before heading out over the farm after lunch….P1010009

Limbo winner Amber taking out ice cold dew and some other mountain dew gear!!


Even the guides couldn’t help getting amongst the games- Yours truly showing them what snowboarding legs were also good for!hahahaa,


All the hay fields are pumping in this spring weather, quite something to look at……


…….and would be sure to go to wast without going for a causal gallop through ‘em!!!


First camp of the holidays down and would go as far to say it was a success!! for more information on tasman rides or to sign up for a camp in january vist- or to just book a 1 or 2hour ride with us call 09 4208603!!!!

Next on the agenda…. holding another sausage sizzle outside Helensville woolworths Wednesday 23rd December-if your in the area, be sure to come grab a sausy and if you mention this blog ill throw ya a free DEW!!!! ohhhhh yeah,

Have a great Christmas and new year everybody!!!

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3 Responses to “Surived the first week as camp mum…just!!!!”

  1. Caroline on January 14th, 2010

    You were amazing Christy! Love the pics! See you next week! Caroline :D

  2. Caroline on January 23rd, 2010

    Hey Christy
    Um I cant find the Tasman Rides Facebook page… can you tell me exactly what to search? Thanks from Caroline

  3. Mountain Dew NZ on January 23rd, 2010

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