Whew! LAX! October 30, 2009 by Haimona Ngata (Freestyle BMX)

haimona-ngata-profile-clear-70-newHellos internet! so I’m sitting in LAX at 5 in the morning waiting for a connecting flight to Mexico for some crazy contest there that my friend has jacked up! ahahahahaha! argh!  Here’s some pics for ya from my journey so far, its been pretty fun!

Here’s a couple of pics of my buddy Glenn holding some shoes that are some super limited Nike friggin bmx 2008 Beijing shoes, and a pair of Bob Haro shoes as well! (he invented freestyle bmx!).  There’s only like 4 pairs in existance!  Ahahaha and a pair of ET (the movie!) Nikes with an embroided basket on the heel and its colorway is the same colorway as the Kuwahara that Elliot rode in the movie!!!  I know, crazy Nike’s all over the place!!!  Guess thats what you get if you made the Nike bmx dvd!

Nike shoes

We carved a pumpkin at this crazy party! We thought it was pretty sweet for our first time! Ahahahahaha was pretty hammered doing it tho, almost cut my finger off! ahahahahahaha!!!

Also here’s a pic of the Hurley warehouse where I found this mural by Dan Smith who’s a tattooist from NZ. It’s a tribute to a skater named Bryce Mills who was killed a few years ago, along with his lady and their lil girl, it was really really sad and he was from out West Auckland!!! I couldnt believe it!  I went into LA Ink today and met Kat Von D from LA Ink shes pretty sweet.

dan smith

I have been taking some pics as well, shot this pic of my buddy Rooftop boosting a hip at a park in San Diego! I think I might take up photography as well as cinematography! ahahahahaha! so long for now, I wish I was asleep in bed right now but oh well! argh!
mission valley

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