VIDEO from my trip to NZ April 25, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Here’s some video footage of my time in NZ…

Waterfall seal pups and sick surf April 20, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Wow today I got to see the craziest thing ever, we walked up to this beautiful little waterfall and there were about 30 seal pups in the water hole playing around with sticks and leaves doing jumps having a ball! Crazy!!! they were so cute!!

The mother seals have been doing this for a few seasons now, but this is the first time I actually got to see it!! its a serious hike for the mothers as it’s easily about 50m up hill from the ocean to the waterfall, over big boulders until they reach this little waterful and have their babies there, its a much safer environment for them. Then when the pups get big enough they swim and slide their way down toward the ocean. Amazing how they found the spot in the first place.

I also have been getting some sick waves, theres been a nice solid south swell the whole time I have been home and have again got my wave quoter up! Kaiks has been rad. Off back to the gold coast tomorrow. Have had so much fun in Enzed once again!

Thanks Whale Watch Kaikoura March 29, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Jucy Rental and heading to Gisborne for the NZ Surfing Nationals on the 1-5th of April and then over to Taranaki for the NZ Women’s Open on the 10-11th of April!  This one is a biggy as it’s part of the ASP World Tour and the winner of the Open division will receive wildcard entry to the ASP Womens World Tour Championship tour event!!!

But first of all I want to say a big thanks to Whale Watch Kaikoura for getting me over to the Nationals and to Taranaki! I feel so blessed to have their support!  So awesome!  Hey seriously if any of you go to Kaikoura, go check out our majestic whale buddies out! A few months ago I went on the Gold Coast Whale watching tour next to Sea World (as I’m been based over here at the mo) and it was incredible!!

Bondi Visit and flying Back to NZ March 22, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Hi guys I recently went to Bondi for the Boost airshow event Dru was in. I got to hang out with Dru in the competitors area where the likes of Kelly Slater and all the airshow surfers hung out.  It was great because they supplied food, espresso coffee and drinks of all sorts all for free so that was a bit of a bonus. It was a really fun two days, this year Dru had to compete in the trials even through he was a finalist the year prior and runner up the year before that. It was his first surf at Bondi and it was the hardest conditions, I was glad that I wasnt out there.

Anyway he got through his first heat by lading some good airs but the next heat he made a few silly mistakes he regrets and didn’t make it through – but he learned some good lessons and will be back next year.  In all it was a really good event. So many people where at Bondi it was crazy!

I’m coming home to NZ in 8 days; so excited!  The nz nationals are on April 1-5th so I will be heading to that and then cruising over to Taranaki for the womens champs event which is a pretty special event as there is a wild card up for grabs for the womens CT.

Diary of PNG Trip – Stiches, cracked ribs, new surf breaks, barrels! March 11, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Day 2 and we were off to the slab again as it was such a good place to shoot. The boat would sit in the channel only a few feet away from where the wave would actually finish. It made it pretty good for Sheildsy ASL photographer to pick up a few good shots.

In the arvo we went to catch up with some of the local kids give them some broken boards as they were the perfect size for them and teach them how to surf. Dru was pushing them into waves, lots of the kids they were floating around on little blocks of polystyrene and planks of wood. Dru and I gave our boards for a couple of the kids to try and they were amazing! Standing up and even doing little top turns.

After that we went to Millies a really nice left hander point break, it was so good to ride back hand and rack up a few turns.

In the evening after dinner we were surprised by a visit of PNG musical group they were all dressed up in traditional outfits they had a lot of homemade instruments also bangos and guitars. They sung us heaps of songs they had made up themselves. It was really nice to meet them and experience a bit of their culture.

PNG Band

Papua New Guinea Explorer Day 1 March 11, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Day 1 on the PNG explorer.

The plane touched down on a little island called Kavieng. There we met the captain Andrew and all of the boys and I piled into the back of a ute and headed for the boat called the PNG explorer. Jude our awesome chef prepared us an amazing dinner whilst we were moored in the harbour when we all went to bed the skipper left Kavieng and headed about 6 hours south.

Our boat - the PNG Explorer

Day 1 PNG photo shoot trip February 27, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Hi guys well we have just flown into PNG.  We flew out of Brizzy and straight into Port Morsby, apparently this place is meant to be a bit dangerous!  We went straight to the resort as we could not get a connecting flight.  But this resort is awesome, I’m staying with Dru and the photographer Sheildsy. It has a lot of security and barbed fences around the outskirts but inside the locals are so friendly and the resort is very nice.  We’re flying out this afternoon to Kavieng to board the PNG explorer were we will boat around looking for the best surf possible for 8 days!  Very exciting.  We still have a few hours here to pass away so I’m going to hit up the gym and the pool. There won’t be coverage on the boat as far as I know so I will let you know how it all goes when I’m back!  Hope to get some rad pics and footage. Speak soon!  From Ange

Boat Trip Photo Shoot in Papua New Guinea! February 26, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Hi guys, so exciting – I’m going to Papua New Guinea with a few Pro guy surfers (I’m going to be the only girl surfer on board). It all happened so quickly because this nice swell was forecasted and Andrew Sheild the photographer for Australian Surfing Life magazine thought that this was the best opportunity to get the best waves, so it all literally happened within a couple of days.  Yesterday we found out about the swell and today tickets were booked!!!  So I’m heading off to PNG tomorrow yeesh so quick! Very exciting!

We will be on a boat for 8 days traveling around finding the most remote best surfing conditions.  It is forecasted that we will find beautiful 4-6ft reef breaks. I have never been to PNG and it’s a pretty remote surfing area so without a doubt we will be surfing some un-crowded surf!!  I’ll write another blog when I get back with heaps of pics from my trip!

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