Bring on 20-10!!! December 31, 2009 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

Hope everyone had a wicked Christmas and has a awesome -safe, new years planned!!

I’m not venturing too far from home, just going to be chilling with my family and boyfriend camping at Murawai, west coast, NZ…. summer-actual SUMMER!!! owww, so nice.

Surived the first week as camp mum…just!!!! December 19, 2009 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

christy-prior-profile-clear-70-newOne of my jobs at the moment that is slowly but surely contributing to my Canada fund is working at a horse riding venue located out in Parakai, NZ – Tasman Rides.

Here I am a trekking guide and also an instructor. Over the school holidays they hold between 1-4day camps for the kids too which Ive taken on the role as “camp mother” along with other guides we teach kids up up to 17years old how to gear up, ride and look after a horse then once the day is over I make the transformation from coach to mother-feeding and entertaining the young’ns, staying on site with them then back up at 7am nipping at there heels until there fed, showered and ready to do it all again by 9am! -I run a tight shift! hahah.

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Retrieving the horses into the day stables were they will be used for school holiday camps or going out in the area,over the  farm or to the beach on separate rides throughout the day.

Weekend Sausage Sizzle December 9, 2009 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

christy-prior-profile-clear-70-new……With the weather forecast for torrential rain and thunder/lighting storms – thank god that the weather man was WRONG!!! We dragged out the ole worst for wear barby and with a 7am visit to the Mad Butcher and the Dew’s on ice we got the party started-damm didn’t know gas bottles were so expensive to fill these days!!-$30!!

Bit of a family affair with my boyfriend, Mother and Nana out in force, we set up camp outside Woolworth’s in Helensville conveniently the same day as the HLV Sanata Parade!!  After a couple of last minute purchases to get the ball rolling we were away.
We sold out of all the sausys by 1pm and the mdews were a hit!!  Had a raffle going for a Helensville Gym membership and all was a success!

Raised a touch more money to assist my travel over to the northern hemisphere to get some snow time over summer and planning another sizzle the week of Christmas to catch out those hungry last minute shoppers!  For now its back to working 7days at Tasman rides horse trekking and DD’s Country Cafe!!!

I have booked my flights to Canada for the 1st of Feb so have a date to aim for!!  Cash money money monnnney!!…. Over and out! :)

Here’s some pics from the sausy sizzle…


Heaps more pics below…

My CROSS DRESS 21st!!! November 30, 2009 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

christy-prior-profile-clear-70-newSo…it all started with a ‘custom made’ suit from Thailand…. clearly this was not going to get much use so why not break it in on my 21st!! Cross dressing theme it was!!


The Mainland Cheese chumps!! complete with slugs…

Rodney Times Represent!! November 20, 2009 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

christy-prior-profile-clear-70-newCheck out the wright up in the local rag…. whoop whoop hahaa.

….”Kaukapakapa’s Christy Prior has had an ideal 2009 New Zealand winter season of snowboarding.The 20-year-old placed in top spots in all 13 events she entered.Christy lived in Queenstown for the season riding predominantly 3052350at the Remarkables, Snowpark and Treble Cone. Winning the Parklife Invitational rail jam in Queenstown as well as wining the Remarkable’s slopestyle series finals, Christy was also selected for the New Zealand snowboard union development squad.She won several rail jam events including the DC Cheapskates Taka throwdown jam, Winter Fest rail jam, Mountain Dew star set rail jam snowpark, Skull Candy rail jam, Snowpark stair set rail jam, and the Reavers lodge handrail rail jam.Christy is back home for a few months to save for her northern hemisphere season next year.  She is off to Banff, Canada, competing in competitions including the Canadian Burton Open and the Volcom PBRJ World Finals……..”  - The Rodney Times

Hamers and Mash freestyle results, snowplanet!! November 13, 2009 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

christy-prior-profile-clear-70-newThis was a fantastic event! Set up was mint, so clean and had a reasonable sized jump!  I have never seen Snowplanets restaurant so packed out from viewers and there was something like 60 competitors!  It also had great prizes, 1st got a brand new Head snowboard and bindings and 2nd and 3rd got a bag of goodies with Skullcandy headphones, Playstation, Underground Skate and GSA gear and more, it was awesome!  Go Snowplanet! haha.


You can check out the results below:

Hammers & Mash Freestyle Comp at snowplanet!! October 29, 2009 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

christy-prior-profile-clear-70-newSnowplanet, MOTHER & HEAD presents . . . Hammers & Mash Freestyle Snowboard & Ski comp.  Supported by Head, Skullcandy, Snowcentre, Playstation, US and GSA, this is set to be a super fun event to come and be a part of. Its free to come and watch from the comfort of the Mountain View Cafe & Bar.  So come and grab a beer, smash a pizza and take in all the action as some of the best snow athletes come and battle it out to take home some great prizes including Cash prizes sponsored by MOTHER.

thumbnail-freestyle-skijumpAlso in the prize pool are Skis & Bindings plus Snowboard & Bindings provided by HEAD & Snowcentre, Skullcandy Headphones, Sony Playstation games, GSA gear, Snowplanet HPC Freestyle Ski & a Freestyle Snowboard training programme and not to mention Trophies for all 1st, 2nd & 3rd places for each category.

The event will kick off at 7pm on Friday 30th October.  For those that wish to enter the competition, registration is at Snowplanet on the night from 6-7pm with practise from 7-7.30pm.

Thailand trip with pics!! October 27, 2009 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

christy-prior-profile-clear-70-newAfter the Queenstown winter season we jet’d off to Thailand for some much needed sun!!..


Saw some big buddas and some amazing architecture in Bangkok…

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