Age: 18
Hometown: Whangamata
Sponsors: Mountain Dew, O’Neill, Globe, Arnette, Gorilla Grip, FCS, Vestal, Pete Anderson Surfboards
About Braedon: Braedon’s a regular on the Whanga Bar and whether he’s free surfing or teaching lessons he’s always got some Dew with him (which he keeps chilled down in his special Dew fridge in the Whangamata Surf Shop).  You can also catch him at comps around the country where he’s usually competing in both the Under 20’s and Open Mens divisions.  Braedon’s also featured regularly on Whanga local Digga’s blog –

Whangamata Beach Hop Longboard Classic April 8, 2010 by Braedon Williams

Here’s a few pics of the peps with their Dew at the other weekends Longboard Comp down in Whanga which was put on by the local boardriders club.  It was on the same weekend as the Beach Hop, you can check out loads more pics from the weekend here . . .

2010 Nats April 6, 2010 by Braedon Williams

Well there’s only one way to say this but I had a shocker in this years annual New Zealand Surfing Nationals.  I was seeded into the seccond round of the Open Mens and I got knocked out 2nd round, that’s it that’s all haha . . .

After being knocked out this allowed me to have a lot more free surfing time on my hands.  So for the next 3 days I just got to cruise round Gizzy surfing really good waves, can’t complain at all huh!  I’m back in Whanaga now and have had the last three days pumping!  The beach has been really good with some great banks, the Bars been alright but really crowded so nothing new there . . . I’m off for Promite on toast :)

2010 Beach Hop March 30, 2010 by Braedon Williams

Whanagamata Beach Hop.  If you havent heard of Beach Hop it’s where thousands of people come in to town for a week and show of their 60s cars.  It’s a pretty full on week with a lot of petrol heads loving it.

The Tuesday before the Beach Hop started I was out longboarding and as I fell of a really small wave I popped my head up the the strong offshore wind blew the board back at me and smacked me in the face . . . so to cut a long story short I had to have a big hole glued up right between my eyes so yeah I kind of look like Harry Potter at the moment haha.

Well the I’m off to the Nationals in Gisborne tomorrow, they start this Thursday and the surfs meant to be not too bad so I’m really looking fword to it!  I will give u an update when I get back and fill you in what happened – I’ll also try and get a hold of some pics!

Rip Curl Pro Results – Braedon Williams March 4, 2010 by Braedon Williams

I have just got back from the Rip Curl Raglan Pro held last weekend. There were some really fun waves, mainly around the 2-4ft range and light sea breeze so it was really contestable and there was a lot of excellent surfing going down.

I ended up getting to the quarter finals of the Under 20 Mens and to the 4th round for the Open Men. I was hoping for a better result but not to worried about it – moving on to the next contest.  Here’s the finals results from the comp:


Open Men’s Final
Morehu Roberts (Gis), 1, Jay Quinn (Rag), 2

Open Women’s Final
Jessica Santorik (Rag), 1, Rosa Thompson (Auck), 2, Laura Rishworth (Mnt), 3, Mischa Davis (Auck), 4

Under 20 Men’s Final
Paco Divers (Sandy Bay), 1, Alex Dive (Mnt), 2, Sean Peggs (Tairua), 3, Joe Moretti (Mimiwhangata), 4

Boys National GromSearch Final
Tane Wallis (Piha), 1, Todd Doyle (Mnt), 2, Patxi Scott Arietta (Sandy Bay), 3, Dune Kennings (Whmata), 4

Girls National GromSearch Final
Alexis Poulter (Rag), 1, Rosa Thompson (Akld), 2, Grace Spiers (Wgm), 3, Jayda Martin-Fitzharris (Gis), 4

Stoked to be back home in Whangamata now, small waves at the moment and its meant to pick up so I’m looking forward to getting some good sized waves! Hopefully a couple of the Coro beaches will turn it on.  I will let you guys know how the swell was next week so stay tuned! Braedon!

What Braedons been up to in Whanga… February 16, 2010 by Braedon Williams

What has been happening!?  It’s been such an intense month for me, I’ve been traveling around the North Island a lot chasing waves, not to really any secret spots just the normal ones like  Rags, Piha and up the Coro, there have been a lot of fun waves around!

There haven’t been the best waves on the East cause of the onshore winds but hey at least there’s surf so we can’t complain about that!  As I sit in my bedroom looking at the swell forecast I can see a spot down the coast that looks like it will be good in a few days so I’m starting to get ready to go away again!

Also next weekend (26th – 28th Feb) I will be traveling over with my family to Raglan for the Rip Curl Pro which is the 3rd event on the Export Gold Series, so I’m amping up for that as well!

I’m off for a surf on good ol Whanga beach now!  Will keep you guys updated!

O’Neill Sequence Shop Pro – Braedon Williams November 10, 2009 by Braedon Williams

md-logo-profile-clear-70Hey guys! Whats been happening?  I just got back from Gizzy where the first contest for the season, the O’Neill Sequence Pro was held!  It was a pretty successful weekend with the contest being held at Red Bus in pumping 3 to 4 feet and clean offshore for day one!  The Open Men were out for most of the day with some really impressive surfing going down, I was ceded into round 2 of the Open Men and I came up against Damon Guinness from Gizzy and Alex Dive.  It was a really hard heat and we were all pushing each other really hard for every wave but I came up short in the end, I was stoked to have a good heat with those boys but it just didn’t go my way.

My next heat in the water was the Under 20 Division, by this time the wind had changed direction and was blowing Southerly, so yes that made the temperature drop a bit and made it a bit harder to get into the wet wetsuit haha!  I ended up surfing three heats in the Under 20 Division that took me through to the semi finals, all the heats were really stacked from round one so I was pretty stoked to make a few rounds!  I didn’t go too well in my semi; the surf had changed a lot by this point and it was really hard to get a wave that linked through!  I was up against Alex Dive, Paco Divers and Buck Woods and I ended up coming 4th in the heat.  

I just didn’t get any good scores but o’well stoked to make a few hard heats and now I’m just focusing on the next one and of course I’m going to try and get some waves on the East coast!  They haven’t been the best few weeks for us over here but sooner or later we should get some waves, fingers crossed!  So anyways thats what I have been up to, check back soon for another update!  Catch ya!

You can check out the press release from the event here.

Update from Braedon Williams in Whanga October 19, 2009 by Braedon Williams

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I have informed you on what I have been up to!  Well I have the O’Neill Sequence Pro coming up in Gizzy at the start of November so I have been doing heaps of training for that such as stand up paddle-boarding which is really good for your fitness so I have been going hard at that!  It is also alot of fun so if ya haven’t given it ago then get into it!

Also I have been doing some work in The Whangamata Surf Shop, there has been alot of tourists around so I have also been taking a few surf lessons and with the water slowly walming up it has made a few people more keen to get into it. Also while working in the shop I have been sorting out all the new images that are going up and they are looking really good so keep an eye out when you are in Whanga next!

The surf hasn’t been to good down here, had a few good mal waves but no action on the Bar so we must be due for some soon!  I will be in touch really soon so stay tuned!!

Update from Braedon Williams (Whangamata) September 24, 2009 by Braedon Williams

Well where do I start . . . its been a freezing cold winter but there has been loads of swell on the East Coast and also some of the beaches up North producing some all time beach break barrells.  The Whanga Bar has also been in good form with some really fun hollow barrells going down and the crowds haven’t been too bad either.  The swell last week on the East Coast was a goodie, I paddled over to Matakana Island with a couple of mates and scored some pumping barrells right throughout both that day and the next couple of days after as well!

Summer is on its way and it’s slowly getting warmer; hopefully its a good one for swell and we score some good waves!  If you’re around Whanga you will be able to catch me taking surfing lessons down on the main beach right through out summer and if you’re lucky I should have some cold Dew with me!  But of course I’ll also be out there surfing as much as I can!  Check out the website out again soon and I’ll update on what I have been up to!

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