Battle of The Bands May 13, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Its that time of year again! The Wellington Battle of The Bands are about to kick off this weekend with heat one.

Hosted by Zeal, The Battle Of The Bands is a competition for young bands to battle it out. They get 12 minutes to perform 2 original songs to the judges and audience!

So far there are 21 bands entered – If you are in a band its not too late to enter!! If you are keen to head along to watch the competition then Heat one is this friday 14th May, Heat two 21st May and The Finals will be 28th May!

There are great prizes up for grabs! Including Mountain Dew ofcourse, there’s a full fridge on stage!

See you there!!

The sale and sound off! May 13, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

StreetSoundz was packed from open till close on the weekend because of their massive annual sale! There were some super cheap deals going down that people just couldn’t turn down. With a Mountain Dew as you walk in, good sounds and friendly help – shopping was made easy! Check these guys out – they slept outside so they were first in line and got a free sub woofer!

The shop was hard to miss with the huge Mountain Dew can outside on the Basin Reserve, and the mean soundz were hard to choose from with so many choices!

On Saturday there was a ‘Sound Off’ competition where anyone could enter their car and sound system! The Panasonic truck came down to show off and to measure who’s car produced the loudest sound. A Subaru Legacy with 6 15″subs won the contest with a top volume of 150DB!!

Wakeboarding on the Colbert Report May 12, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Hahaha You have got to check this out… Classic!

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Nashville Flood Wakeboarder
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Wakeboarding is blowing up!!! May 7, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Ok so its 3 weeks until I get back to the US and it looks like the season over there is off to a killer start.. Check this out!

  • So as you read in my last blog entry, Trevor Hansen landed the 1st ever double flip wake to wake CHECK IT OUT HERE.
  • About 3 days ago my good friend Kyle Alberts landed a Wrapped backside off axis 900 CHECK IT OUT HERE.
  • 2 days ago Rusty Malinoski landed a wake to wake 1080 CHECK IT OUT HERE.
  • And just yesterday the young gun Harley Clifford joined the 1080 club CHECK IT OUT HERE . . .

I cant wait to go and join the fun times!!

Long time no hear… May 7, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Hey guys, Sorry its been so long! I have been away too many times to count and been so busy I cant remember what day it is haha
What have I been up to lately? A bunch of everything to be honest. Was playing the drums at EC10 in Fielding over Easter which was pretty sweet.

I’ve also been surfing (sneaking out during the day) to Lyall bay on a couple of good as swells. But its been mainly the Wellington traditional howling onshore surfs at Titahi Bay for me.

Who else hates day light savings? Losing light at 6pm makes it pretty hard to get a surf ay! I think I need to invest in some spot lights so we can do this…

I’ve also been wakeboarding heaps lately ay. After watching the videos on Brad Smeele’s MD blog I realise that I’m not very good at all haha but I so enjoy doing at. Can nearly land a 360 in the air… that any good? or still a rookie?

Well theres a bit of an update, anyone been scoring those sick swells up North? I saw this shot on this morning of Raglan – hope its like this on Sunday, im up there for a wedding!

StreetSoundz sale May 7, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Its that time again folks! If you’re in Wellington this weekend and in need of some doof doof for your vehicle then head on down to StreetSoundz to score the best prices! Waaay cheaper than trademe even!

If your one of the first 5 people there in the morning to buy something then you get a free 12inch sub and a Mountain Dew Tshirt!

Also on the Sunday from 11am for the Bass Heavy, there will be a soundoff – for more details or to register please contact Krishna on 04 382 8002.

Look out for the Massive Mountain Dew can when driving around the basin! Theres gona be heaps of free drinks so whether your gona buy something or your bored and wana have look and score a Mountain Dew then head on down to StreetSoundz Wellington this Sat and Sunday 8-9th May

A new show for 2010 (VIDEO) May 7, 2010 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

Hey, we can finally announce one of the new shows that is doing this season.

It’s called ‘The Snodice Sessions’ and you can check the video for more info.


- Holler,

Made it! May 6, 2010 by Daisy Thomas (Surfer)

Heya, It seems like a long time ago now because so much has gone on but yes we made it safe and sound to London, managing to dodge the Volcanic Ash that shut down the whole of Europe!

3 surfboards, 2 boardbags, 5 bags, 4 people and a Ukulele..tight!

On arrival we were greeted by mum and dad who were over seeing my gramps whose 90th birthday was celebrated along with my twin cuzzies 21st and Uncles birthday all on the same day, epic.

Its amazing travelling as far as we do from NZ and getting to our destination to know somebody, anywho we set off to Wales ahh the homeland. My Father grew up in Wales hence the family history and strong connection to the place. Wales is a wonderful place with lush green acres and tiny little country roads which wind through the coastline into the counrty side. I saw alot of family history which was interesting.

Epic wee bar with live music, my cousins friend was singing this night (Jessica Cornish, you should check her out her voice is amazing) this is the bar that Dizzie Rascal was discovered. Radical

Over the summer I stayed with some wonderful people in Gisborne who really reminded me how important knowing your Whakapapa is, it was such perfect timing because I was to be setting off to the land where my fathers side of the family made their mark, it gave me extra amp to really find out from my grandfather what went on in those days and he gave some darn inspiring stories on people, war and family. The stuff I don’t think you really appreciate until you get a little older.

After a good week checking out the history in the welsh folk museum, catching up with friends and enjoying family time we set off to the big smoke, London.

Huge buildings dwarfed us at Canary Wharfe, where all the financial stockmarket stuff goes down

London was great fun, not having to be anywhere at a certain time, being able to purely walk and not fall into the rat race of the London streets was fantastic. Tom and I set off on a mission to find an art shop, which we did and along the way we saw buskers, ate blueberries by the punnet and ate pizza.
So much went on in the last few days if I write it all down you’ll fall asleep so how about I just leave you with these photos.

p.s we surfed a wonderful place called Llangennith in Wales but I got no pics because it was so foggy we couldn’t even see the waters edge!


Ocean in Wales but blocked off by any type of swell

Flat ocean, this place does get waves though.

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