Spring shred shoot followed by copious amounts of BBQ’n!!! April 24, 2010 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder)

Banff, Canada.

Thanks to Katherine Calnan for coming up for a fun park shoot check out her blog at…. http://she-rides-park.blogspot.com/ – I promise we took it easy with my broken collar bone and all . . . don’t do what I do – do what I say!! ;)

Ye ole front board….

2010 Nats April 6, 2010 by Braedon Williams

Well there’s only one way to say this but I had a shocker in this years annual New Zealand Surfing Nationals.  I was seeded into the seccond round of the Open Mens and I got knocked out 2nd round, that’s it that’s all haha . . .

After being knocked out this allowed me to have a lot more free surfing time on my hands.  So for the next 3 days I just got to cruise round Gizzy surfing really good waves, can’t complain at all huh!  I’m back in Whanaga now and have had the last three days pumping!  The beach has been really good with some great banks, the Bars been alright but really crowded so nothing new there . . . I’m off for Promite on toast :)

Chicken Jam Mammoth April 1, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

Hey Guys, after the US Open in Vermont I flew to Reno Nevada and dove the racy rental car down thru Carson City and then ended up in Mammoth Cali for the Roxy Chicken Jam in Cali.

Above: Natasha, Rana, Kelly, Linn, Susie, Spencer and me.

This comp is always a fun one, its the end of everyone’s season, its just girls and its mellow and fun. Kind of a great way to finish off. The jumps this year were way bigger and I was blown away at the level of the girls riding.

The last comp of the Tour March 30, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

The Hyundai Pro Longboard tour is done and dusted for another year. The last comp of the circuit was held at The Mighty Port Waikato on the weekend where we had a solid swell with onshore winds both contest days.

I won my 2nd round heat but kept sliding round and falling off in the quarter finals, I made the rookie mistake of putting too small fins in for the size of the surf. So 13th is where I finished up in the contest, not where I was aiming to finish but its alot better than my effort at Whangamata.

Being the last contest of the tour Hyundai put on a massive party after the prize giving with ‘The Feelers’ playing and a huge fireworks display! A big congrats to my mate Dylan Barnfield for winning the Tour this year, check the photo below (what the photo doesn’t show is that he kicked me in the face hahaha) and check Ant and Daniels faces – true Kodak moment!

2010 Beach Hop March 30, 2010 by Braedon Williams

Whanagamata Beach Hop.  If you havent heard of Beach Hop it’s where thousands of people come in to town for a week and show of their 60s cars.  It’s a pretty full on week with a lot of petrol heads loving it.

The Tuesday before the Beach Hop started I was out longboarding and as I fell of a really small wave I popped my head up the the strong offshore wind blew the board back at me and smacked me in the face . . . so to cut a long story short I had to have a big hole glued up right between my eyes so yeah I kind of look like Harry Potter at the moment haha.

Well the I’m off to the Nationals in Gisborne tomorrow, they start this Thursday and the surfs meant to be not too bad so I’m really looking fword to it!  I will give u an update when I get back and fill you in what happened – I’ll also try and get a hold of some pics!

Feelers, fireworks and friends March 30, 2010 by Daisy Thomas (Surfer)

Spaceships campervan hire NZ and picked up my Spaceship, got lost (as per usual) on my way out to Port Waikato and finally ended up at the final destination.

Us ladies about to head out for our semi final, picture by Dave?

Morning came and it was a struggle to get out of my cosy bed and brave the howling onshore wind and mellow rain drops outside, but I did and it was straight down to the contest site where solid wild west coast waves were rolling through. Port Waikato was the final destination for the Pro Longboard Tour so there was a fantastic turn out from southerners to Australians. The chica dees all charged when it came down to the finals and the boys were shredding the big west coast walls. Next stop Gisborne for the National Shortboard Championships!

I will leave you with these pics to illustrate the weekend. Yee ow

M-I-A Wakefest Video March 23, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Hey Lads and Ladies, check out this short video of 2010 Wakefest which was held down in Mangakino a few weeks ago. It was a great 1st event and I am looking forward to next years bigger and better M-I-A Wakefest!! Enjoy!

2010 NMD/Mountain Dew Dion Wells Memorial March 5, 2010 by Friends of Dew

Check out http://bbsnz.isolated.co.nz for more details…

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