Still on top with a blown knee… December 9, 2009 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

brad-profile-70-clear-newHolla holla, I had a great weekend down in Christchurch at the Liquid Malisha Tournament of Wake!!  I was a bit nervous about riding on my blown knee and whether or not I would be able to hold it together after not really riding for over 2 months.

But by the end of the day I came out ontop, Winning the $2,500 prize money and a nice big novelty cheque to go along with it. Rhyleigh Fitzner from Australia came in 2nd and Tony Evans had a great run finishing him in 3rd.

In the women’s division the ozzy young gun Caitlin Blaauw took the top spot with ease throwing down a near flawless run.

I will have some pics and a short vid up soon for your viewing pleasure.

Speaking of viewing pleasure… I am going in for my knee surgery on Friday this week and I just found out that I will be staying awake and able to watch my surgery… So I have decided that I will film it and post it online for you all to see…Later!

3D Advert for Samsung pics December 4, 2009 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

056angie-profile-clear-70-newHey well today was an interesting day, I didn’t quite know what was happening from the beginning as I thought the shoot was for Ritchos Surf School, but no I was wrong it was for a 3D Samsung Advertisement.  We had to wear the brightest clothes possible so it would show up really well on the camera.

It was a classic day of doing a lot of role-playing taking a lot of “take actions” and the best part surfing.  The waves were really fun when we first paddled out, but it did start to deteriorate quickly. It was one of the most picturiest days, the water was crystal clear with not a cloud in the sky, perfect day for playing in the sun.  At the end of it we were paid $200 – not bad for an afternoon in the sun and surf!  Here are a few pics of the day . . .

Womens Curl surfing Magazine editorial December 4, 2009 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

angie-profile-clear-70-newHey guys, here is some editorial put in this months issue of Curl magazine…

Angie Dec 09 Curl Article

Here’s a close up of the article…

Day 6 at the Australasian Bodyboard Titles 09 November 15, 2009 by Friends of Dew

NZ Bodyboarding Team Logo 70Day 6: Waves – 2ft picking up to some possible 3ft sets in the afternoon, much better waves than the previous day

Day 6 was the last day of the competition for 2009. Today we had the Pro DK and Pro Womens finals and then all of the finals. The red hot Serena Ball was up in the early semi final heat and found it to be one step too far against the pro girls, bowing out in the semi final of the pro womens event.  Serena would have her shot at redemption in the Open Womens final later in the day.

Next up was Sam Peters who had shook off his earlier disappointment in the Nationals DK by progressing through to the semi finals of the Pro Dk event. Sam surfed a really strong, powerful heat with some great waves but was unfortunately undone by eventual pro winner Dave Winchester and eventual Nationals DK winner Dane Pope.

Day 5 at the Australasian Bodyboard Titles 09 November 13, 2009 by Friends of Dew

NZ Bodyboarding Team Logo 70Day 5: Waves – 1-2ft at best, weak swell and cross shore winds. Pumping….

Day 5 greeted us with by far the worst conditions of the whole event. A small, pussy swell which was pretty gutless. Still there were some sections to be had and some of Australasia’s finest talent were making the mediocre waves look great!! With the 2009 Rebel Sport Pro event taking over for the day, we had our riders up in the Pro Women’s and Pro DK.

First to hit the water today was the in form Serena Ball who was up against some of Australia’s finest in the Pro Women’s event. Serena continued her excellent surfing in the below average conditions with a really convincing heat, finishing easily in second place and progressing through to the next round. In the following heat was Eiko Yoshimura who unfortunately managed to pick up one of the most stacked heats of the day with ex Australian champions and some of Australia’s top talent in her heat. Eiko got off to a great start and pushed in to first place but was unable to hold on for the duration of the 25 minute heat and in the end was pushed out by the stronger finishing, more experienced competitors.

Day 4 of the Australasian Bodyboard Titles 09 November 12, 2009 by Friends of Dew

NZ Bodyboarding Team Logo 70Day 4: Waves – 1-2ft, clean swell with light offshore winds, which swung onshore early afternoon and made conditions difficult at best!

Today was the most mellow of all the days so far with John Diamond the only surfer up for the day. After a good samaritan deed that went wrong, John was sporting the good part of a dozen stitches in his chin courtesy of a Brisbane meat head.  John was up around 2pm and by this stage in the day the reasonable morning conditions had got a lot worse and things were a bit hit or miss on the wave front.  John was up against a stacked heat in his Senior Mens semi and surfed as well as the conditions would allow, very narrowly missing out on 2nd place by less than a point!  A top 6 finish for John in his chosen division was an excellent result for 2009.

Making things a little more exciting/dangers was one of Australias notorious Brown Snakes coming out of its burrow mid way through Johns heat and proceeding to slither through the area where the NZ team were set up before a Jarad Ferris lookalike tried to tame it, Steve Irwin style. It was safe to say none of the NZ Team were too keen to tango with one of the deadliest snakes in the world!

BBSNZ Banner-low-1

Day Two of the Australasian Bodyboard Titles 09 November 10, 2009 by Friends of Dew

NZ Bodyboarding Team Logo 70Day 2: Waves – 2-3ft, cleaning up swell, changing conditions through the tide.

First up this morning was the Grommets division and Willy Nepia-Murray was in the water for his first heat of the event. Willy Surfed a great heat and managed to get one great wave under his belt. He didn’t manage to lock down a second good wave and just slipped in to third place, which was not enough to progress through to the latter rounds of his chosen division.

Surfed next after the Grommets were the early rounds of the Dropknee division. Three of our competitors were in this division looking for a shot at the Australasian title. Sam Peters was the first dropknee rider out in a relatively stacked heat. Sam surfed a great heat with a number of solid waves but just dipped out by .19 against the second placed rider which brought his 2009 Australasian Nationals campaign to an end. In the 3rd heat of the round was Bayden Barber, the Hawkes Bay local. Bayden used his trademark smooth style and powerful hacks to progress through to the next round of the Dropknee.

Day One of the Australasian Bodyboard Titles November 9, 2009 by Friends of Dew

NZ Bodyboarding Team Logo 70

The team arrived in Australia on Saturday morning and spent the first couple of days surfing some fun waves around the Gold Coast area, shopping, sunbathing and getting ready for the week long competition starting on Monday morning.

Day 1: Waves – 3-5ft, messy, raw swell, changing conditions through the tide.

Day one started out with some pretty chunky, shifty conditions at D-Bah beach for the 1st Day of the 2009 Australasian Nationals. First time team member Alex Elder was up in the very first heat of the competition starting at 8am on Monday morning. Alex got a pretty raw deal with a terrible sweep on the paddle out and had to settle for a couple of waves late in the heat which was not enough to get him through to the second round.

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