Blown ACL Video… May 20, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Holla Gang, I have put together a new video of the set I had when I blew out my knee… Check it out, you can totally see my knee bend sideways… Ouch!

I am back off to the US in 1 week so I will have some more videos and updates of my progress as I go.. Time for me to leave this country as its starting to get a little to cold for me.
New Video!! May 13, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Yo Dew’ds, Check out my new video!!! This is footage from when I was in Texas about a week or so before I blew out my knee.

I am so stoked with it especially considering it was all shot in 2 rides.

Thanks to Adam Burwell and Spencer for filming, Adam again for putting it together, and Jeromy from for funding the trip.
Wakeboarding on the Colbert Report May 12, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Hahaha You have got to check this out… Classic!

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Wakeboarding is blowing up!!! May 7, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Ok so its 3 weeks until I get back to the US and it looks like the season over there is off to a killer start.. Check this out!

  • So as you read in my last blog entry, Trevor Hansen landed the 1st ever double flip wake to wake CHECK IT OUT HERE.
  • About 3 days ago my good friend Kyle Alberts landed a Wrapped backside off axis 900 CHECK IT OUT HERE.
  • 2 days ago Rusty Malinoski landed a wake to wake 1080 CHECK IT OUT HERE.
  • And just yesterday the young gun Harley Clifford joined the 1080 club CHECK IT OUT HERE . . .

I cant wait to go and join the fun times!!

Long time no hear… May 7, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Hey guys, Sorry its been so long! I have been away too many times to count and been so busy I cant remember what day it is haha
What have I been up to lately? A bunch of everything to be honest. Was playing the drums at EC10 in Fielding over Easter which was pretty sweet.

I’ve also been surfing (sneaking out during the day) to Lyall bay on a couple of good as swells. But its been mainly the Wellington traditional howling onshore surfs at Titahi Bay for me.

Who else hates day light savings? Losing light at 6pm makes it pretty hard to get a surf ay! I think I need to invest in some spot lights so we can do this…

I’ve also been wakeboarding heaps lately ay. After watching the videos on Brad Smeele’s MD blog I realise that I’m not very good at all haha but I so enjoy doing at. Can nearly land a 360 in the air… that any good? or still a rookie?

Well theres a bit of an update, anyone been scoring those sick swells up North? I saw this shot on this morning of Raglan – hope its like this on Sunday, im up there for a wedding!

First ever Wake to Wake double flip April 28, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Trevor Hansen just became the first person ever to land a wake to wake double flip on a wakeboard.. It was a heelside double backroll.. So Sick!!!

Check it out here…

2010 LG NZ Wakeboard Nationals April 28, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

Last weekend’s ‘LG Wakeboard Nationals’ was insane!!!

After flying back from Qtown I set off on a half day packed full of errands; picking up banners, packing whatever clean clothes I could find, grabbing material for the rail that was yet to be completed, etc… and then hitched a ride down to lake Karapiro.

Once I got there I set off on making progress on the rail, after getting it all lined up and the material ready to be cut I discovered that some of the tools were not fully operational.. So with the help of a few friends we put the Eco-decking on the top surface of the rail, by that time is was well dark and we were getting eaten alive by mosquitos so we left the rest for the next day.. The rail made it in the water in time for the open mens heats that afternoon thanks to a lot of help from many people with building and lifting it into the water… Thanks again to you all!

Due to the fact that I am out of action due to a knee injury I have taken on the MC roll for the Nationals and other events.. I had a great time on the mic but as you can imagine it was extremely frustrating watching from the sidelines.

Weatherall’s Firsthand trip… April 14, 2010 by Brad Smeele (Wakeboarder)

I was so stoked for Jeff when I found out that he was going to be featured on Fuel TV’s Firsthand, and for him to ask me to be a part of it was super cool.

Late on Sunday night I picked up my good friend, photographer and videographer, Josh Robinson (aka. Carnie) from the airport. Early Monday morning we jumped on a flight down to Queenstown where we met up with the star of the show Jeff Weatherall and Fuel TV videographer Neil Goss and started our missions.

We started by driving up to the top of the Remarkables where we did some lifestyle filming, from there we headed over the Crown Ranges to Wanaka where we met up with Jeff’s mate Tahl who took us out to a private, man-made, lake which is stacked with sick rails, the lake is actually shaped like a dick so it is appropriately named ‘Dick Park’. Jeff sessioned the rails for a few hours while I drove the ski and the boys made with the photo and video. It was bloody Freezing!!! Im kinda glad I was not riding cos I was so chilly just from driving the ski.

After we got done filming we went out for pizza with a few friends. From there we went back to the farm for some good old rabbit hunting, we got all suited up in out warm hunting gear and went at it.. We were shooting from the back of a buggy as it raced across the farm paddocks, two of us shooting with semi automatic 12 gage shotguns, while the others were spotlighting and filming. We ended up shooting over 30 cute little fluffy bunnys.

Tomorrow we are off up to lake Tekapo to try and get some more stuff done. Then back up to Auckland and straight down to Lake Karapiro for the NZ nationals.

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