Second Video from the EDH Local Assault Jam 09 November 25, 2009 by Mountain Dew NZ

Here’s another clip of some of the riding that went down (on the ramps section + box jump) at the EDH Local Assault Jam on the 7th of November at Washington Reserve Skatepark in Christchurch.  This clip is by Paul Gerlick from Flow Visuals.  Enjoy!

EDH Local Assault Jam 2009 Video November 19, 2009 by Mountain Dew NZ

Tim Pierce from Zeros&Ones was at the 4th annual EDH Local Assault Jam which was held at the beginning of this month in Chch.  Mountain Dew has been a sponsor of this event since its first year and is stoked to see how it’s progressed.  Check out the clip…

Also have a look at for more info on Tim, he’s one talented guy!

A new ride and the end of an era at Victoria Park! (with pics) September 29, 2009 by Haimona Ngata (Freestyle BMX)

haimona-ngata-profile-clear-70-newAhoy Hoy internet world!  So’s I just got a bloody DOOPPEEE new frame from Subrosa, it’s called the Pandora DTT!  DTT standing for double Top Tube!  Something a lil bit different; back in the day I owned quite a few DTT bike frames and they were awesome, but by the early 90’s they were slowly getting phased out of BMX, mostly because bike frames became alot more simple and weight concious.

Well fast forward to 2009 and Subrosa is the only company to bring back the DTT, and the bikes are made so much more lighter now, and I have to say it rides awesome! Great Timing cause I dropped it off at burgerfuel and a few days later I had a one of a kind Subrosa DTT with custom Burger Fuel paint job!  Super stoked!  It came out awesome and I gotta say a big thanks to the crew at Burger Fuel for pimpin my ride! AGAIN!! ahahahaha


Hello Mr Ground, Meet Mr Face… September 1, 2009 by Haimona Ngata (Freestyle BMX)

haimona-ngata-profile-clear-70-newahahaha, so anyways, I was cruising to work the other day, sunny, clear skies, no wind, and thought it would be a good idea to stop off and have a ride at vic park, just really quickly, anyways, had a few jumps, all good, and jumped a hip and next thing i know im waking up in a pool of blood with two lil kids asking me if I was alright! seeing stars for sure! ended up knocking myself into next week, and putting a huge gash above my eyebrow and putting some teeth through my top lip! an ambulance ride later and im sitting in auckland a and e with 6 stitches above my eye and 4 in my lip and a heck of a swollen face and a decent headache! kids, if you’re doing jumps or anything like that dont daydream bout what you’re gna have for lunch that day! I learnt the hard way! ha! I’m just stoked that I walked out of a and e with all my limbs intact, usually there’s a broken leg or arm or something like that, but today i just broke my face, ah wells!!


what’s this!?? August 19, 2009 by Haimona Ngata (Freestyle BMX)

hello’s internet world! how are you!? I’m doing great, been very very busy as of late, how very odd!! i missed a comp up north in whangarei cause i had to work last weekend, my good buddy tim white from twhitesbikes was one of the sponsors, peep his website for some pics n stuff! other news im all booked up for a trip to the states! gna be hitting LA and do a couple of trips and shoot some footage with my good buddy mike escamillia, hopefully i dont get killed with the amount of stupid stuff he does! and then I’ll head to austin to catch up with my good buddy joe who runs terrible one. I went there in 03 and rode the ramp for a few weeks, so much fun, but it’s had a few additions, peep the pic below. And I’ll see how I go for time but wanna try and hit NYC to do some filming and catch up with some friends there! all in all should be a fun time and i should come back with some killer footy, here’s hoping!

lastly, below is a spy pic, thats all I’m gna say but I’ll keep you informed of what’s to come!!! exciting!!


News about my new sponsor! May 6, 2009 by Haimona Ngata (Freestyle BMX)

haimona-profile-clear-70Hay everyone! Whew what a hectic couple of weeks it’s been! Just been busy at work and doing stuff around the house, holy mackerel time goes fast when you’re busy!!!

Sponsor change April 29, 2009 by Haimona Ngata (Freestyle BMX), Mountain Dew NZ

haimona-profile-clear-70So the time has come for me to move on from my long time sponsor, Colony BMX. I want to thank Clint Millar for everything he has done for me and believing in me all these years, he wrote a lil blurb up on

As of now I dont have a bike sponsor, but there’s something in the pipelines, more about that soon! Will have some pics and some other stuff of what I’ve been up to soon!!

Yo! Winters on it’s way… April 10, 2009 by Haimona Ngata (Freestyle BMX)

haimona-profile-clear-70Hay everyone!! wowowow winter is approaching! Guess its good for the snowboarders, sucks for us who have to wait for the skateparks and streets to dry though!!! arggghhh!!! ahahaha, so anyways, last weekend was myself and my good buddy Wazman’s bdays!! So us and a bunch of friends went to Waiheke for the day for a bike ride!!! Was hella fun, our buddy Lester came up from Hamilton for it, Lester runs a clothing company called Quietchaos, and took a bunch of pics of the day, check em out on his website sweeeeeeet! more news coming soon!!

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