Nelson Downhill Mountain Bike Classic Open Race Report December 18, 2009 by Mountain Dew NZ

After a wet start to the morning the skys cleared up for the inagural running of the Nelson Classic Open Downhill Mountain Bike Race on Fringed Hill in Nelson. With a good turn out of racers the morning practice went by quickly and it was soon onto loading up the trucks to start the race runs.


Kieran Bennett – The Off Season November 24, 2008 by Ambassadors

I’m pretty well into the off season now which is mint, its good to have some time at home instead of constant travel and never being in one place for more than a week like usual.

Ive been back working full time to pay off the last couple of seasons debt from racing and im almost all squared up even with the purchase of an 08 RMZ250 to keep me entertained while I’m at home!

Kieran bike

As some of you may know I’ve signed a deal to race the full World Cup Series next year, its a dream come true to finally be getting paid and not have to deal with anything except training and racing. For those of you who don’t know about it there will be an official press release out in December with all the details so you’ll have to wait until then.

With everything set for next season already I’m really motivated and I’ve been training harder than ever so hopefully it all comes together for me. Its such a huge weight off my shoulders not having to deal with anything like previous years and has really let me focus on my training for once.

Ive been riding a bit of downhill back here but unfortunately I’m going to be having a few weeks off the bike, not by choice but for a couple of reasons. Ive been asked to send my Ironhorse Sunday back early so I wont have a bike until my new team sends me out a bike early next year and also because yesterday we had the 2nd round of the Top of the south DH series on the Kaka Hill track here in Nelson, after a bit of rain I decided to take it easy for my first race run which didn’t work out to well as you can see in the photos…

Kieran Elbow

Kieran Elbow 2

After 3 and 1/2 hours at the Hospital I left with 5 internal stitches and 12 holding it together on the outside! The cut was apparently to the bone in spot so now I can’t really use my left arm for much for a couple of weeks. Luckily nothing is broken which is a bonus so once the stitches are out ill be back into action again.

Because of my bike situation it doesn’t look like ill be making it to any of the North Island DH rounds so my first race back will most likely be the Dunedin round of the Nationals. This also means ill get to spend a bit more time at home this summer which will be good to get in some spear fishing and wake boarding.

Kieran Bennett – Windham US National DH report July 14, 2008 by Ambassadors

Hey Everyone,


We’ve just finished racing here in Windham, New York and its been another good race for me.


After a few days of dry practice it started raining just as we got on the chairlift for qualifying so I was a little cautious at the start of my run not knowing what the track conditions were like, after a clean run I was in the lead by close to 3 seconds so I was pretty confident going into the finals.


By the time finals rolled around the track was pretty dry after having the semi pros and girls down the course, I went into my run riding like it was dry and it worked well, I crossed the line with a time that was just over 2 seconds ahead of 2nd place.

After DH I rode Super D for the first time ever, I got an awesome start and made it through the first turn in the lead and managed to hold that for the first minute untill the XC guys caught me on the climb. Unfortunately I got a front flat not long after that on the first downhill section so I finished up in dead last but it was a fun way to end the weekend.

DH podium photo here

Thanks again to all of you helping me out this season!


Kieran Bennett – 13th at the World Champs! June 21, 2008 by Ambassadors

Just a quick update for now as ive just got back from the race, as the title says I just pulled off 13th at the 2008 World Championships! This is my best World Champs result so im stoked.

We also had a solid showing in Juniors with Aari Barrett in 4th and Brook McDonald in 5th, they are both in their 1st year of juniors so watch out! Unfortunately Matt Walked had a huge crash near the bottom of the track and was taken away by ambulance, the good news is that he is ok, he only chipped a tooth and had got a few bumps and grazes. (see photos that will be up later)

Gee Atherton won the elite DH with Steve Peat in 2nd, Sam Hill was on a killer run untill he crashed on the last corner!
Justin Leov was the top NZ pro with I think an 8th place, Wyn Masters also pulled a solid result with 25th.
Scarlett Hagen came through in 9th to be the top NZ lady with Amy Laid in 16th.

Off to 4x now to watch Craig Pattle and Wyn Masters do some sweet whips!

Kieran Bennett – Thunderstorm June 20, 2008 by Ambassadors

We’ve just had a pretty decent thunder storm roll through Val Di Sole, the rain only lasted about 20 minutes so I don’t think its going to affect the track much if at all.

4x qualifying was on this evening, Jarad Graves is top qualifier which is sick with the NZ guys spread out through out the pack;
25. 125 NZL19880203 COLE Cameron NZL
31. 93 NZL19900324 WALKER Matthew NZL
37. 110 NZL19870418 MASTERS Wyn NZL
47. 128 NZL19850125 PATTLE Craig NZL

4x seems to have turned into a bit too much of specialist sport lately which I think is making it a bit less exciting, theres only a few people racing both DH and 4x and three of them are from NZ (Matt, Wyn and Cameron) along with Filip Polc from Slovakia. Thats the only people I can pick from the results anyway.

Kieran Bennett – Angel Fire – No Words, Just Pictures June 4, 2008 by Ambassadors


KB Snow

KB Podium

KB Sign

KB Racing

KB House

Kieran Bennett – Angel Fire Part 3, The Race May 27, 2008 by Ambassadors

Its finally happened, I just won my first International Pro race!
The course had almost completely dried today except for a couple of the bogs that weren’t drying so the rock section at the top of the course was rediculously fast and the flatter sections below that were a lot easier to get through as well since you weren’t getting pushed off line constantly by the wet rocks.

I did one practice run in the morning which didn’t go too well, about half way down the course I had a really good line that I think I was only one of the people hitting but unfortunately as I went to ride this I missed my timing picking the front wheel up over a rock and had a pretty big over the bars crash, I landed hard on my left hand, left knee and my head (luckily im running a Leatt Brace) which all felt ok at the time but once I was down in the pits my knee and hand starting hurting a lot which ruined my confidence a bit for my race run. Since I had about 6 hours till my race run I went back to condo and got onto icing them which helped a lot but there was still a bit of a nagging pain there.

My race run went pretty well, I knew if I didn’t worry about everyone else and just focused on my own run that I could take the win so once I had got through the more difficult sections near the top I just tried to recover any energy that I could in the open stuff so I didnt blow out closer to the bottom.
I came through the line into 1st place 13 seconds faster than my qualifying time so I was stoked but the fastest qualifyer Aaron Gwin was still on course, watching the time tick by was a bit nerve racking but he had crashed and after a minute I knew it was mine.

Im currently in Boulder, Colorado right now getting ready to fly out to Andorra for the DH world cup next weekend so keep an eye out for updates!

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Kieran Bennett – Angel Fire Part 2 May 25, 2008 by Ambassadors

The sun is out and the snow is gone! that was the best part about waking up this morning.
I finally got to ride in only one layer of clothing instead of four! Once again the pros had practice with everyone so it was impossible to get a clean run in today, so I did a couple of runs looking at lines then decided to save my energy for qualifying which just finished.
I had a resonable run but it definately wasnt perfect, the altitude is so bad up here so I decided not to try sprinting any of the opens sections and ended up just sitting down and coasting them.
The course is long and physical and I came through the line with a 5.33 which was the fastest time at that point so I was stoked with that but just two riders later I got bumped back into second by Aaron Gwin by around 1 second.
Im happy with my run and I know ive definately got more left tomorrows run so im looking forward to it!

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