Battle of The Bands May 13, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Its that time of year again! The Wellington Battle of The Bands are about to kick off this weekend with heat one.

Hosted by Zeal, The Battle Of The Bands is a competition for young bands to battle it out. They get 12 minutes to perform 2 original songs to the judges and audience!

So far there are 21 bands entered – If you are in a band its not too late to enter!! If you are keen to head along to watch the competition then Heat one is this friday 14th May, Heat two 21st May and The Finals will be 28th May!

There are great prizes up for grabs! Including Mountain Dew ofcourse, there’s a full fridge on stage!

See you there!!

Long time no hear… May 7, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Hey guys, Sorry its been so long! I have been away too many times to count and been so busy I cant remember what day it is haha
What have I been up to lately? A bunch of everything to be honest. Was playing the drums at EC10 in Fielding over Easter which was pretty sweet.

I’ve also been surfing (sneaking out during the day) to Lyall bay on a couple of good as swells. But its been mainly the Wellington traditional howling onshore surfs at Titahi Bay for me.

Who else hates day light savings? Losing light at 6pm makes it pretty hard to get a surf ay! I think I need to invest in some spot lights so we can do this…

I’ve also been wakeboarding heaps lately ay. After watching the videos on Brad Smeele’s MD blog I realise that I’m not very good at all haha but I so enjoy doing at. Can nearly land a 360 in the air… that any good? or still a rookie?

Well theres a bit of an update, anyone been scoring those sick swells up North? I saw this shot on this morning of Raglan – hope its like this on Sunday, im up there for a wedding!

StreetSoundz sale May 7, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Its that time again folks! If you’re in Wellington this weekend and in need of some doof doof for your vehicle then head on down to StreetSoundz to score the best prices! Waaay cheaper than trademe even!

If your one of the first 5 people there in the morning to buy something then you get a free 12inch sub and a Mountain Dew Tshirt!

Also on the Sunday from 11am for the Bass Heavy, there will be a soundoff – for more details or to register please contact Krishna on 04 382 8002.

Look out for the Massive Mountain Dew can when driving around the basin! Theres gona be heaps of free drinks so whether your gona buy something or your bored and wana have look and score a Mountain Dew then head on down to StreetSoundz Wellington this Sat and Sunday 8-9th May

The last comp of the Tour March 30, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

The Hyundai Pro Longboard tour is done and dusted for another year. The last comp of the circuit was held at The Mighty Port Waikato on the weekend where we had a solid swell with onshore winds both contest days.

I won my 2nd round heat but kept sliding round and falling off in the quarter finals, I made the rookie mistake of putting too small fins in for the size of the surf. So 13th is where I finished up in the contest, not where I was aiming to finish but its alot better than my effort at Whangamata.

Being the last contest of the tour Hyundai put on a massive party after the prize giving with ‘The Feelers’ playing and a huge fireworks display! A big congrats to my mate Dylan Barnfield for winning the Tour this year, check the photo below (what the photo doesn’t show is that he kicked me in the face hahaha) and check Ant and Daniels faces – true Kodak moment!

Scored some waves at The Mount March 8, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Still a bit dissapointed from the bad loss at Whangamata, we stopped into the Mount on the way home and I finally found the sweet spot on my new board! This board is so mean! Just didn’t have enough time to suss it out before the contest!

Stoked though, looking forward to practicing the next two weeks before the Port Waikato comp at the end of the month!

Chur chur. Mount Main beach super fun, check out the pics below:

A manky weekend March 8, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Usually at surf comps I go to the problem is that the waves are too small . . . at Whangamata on the weekend for the Hyundai Pro Longboard tour it was the opposite – the waves were too big. Well, not too big but just ugly and too much water.

Join that with the fact that I’m unfit and you get me in my heat paddling for 20mins trying to get out the back. Caught one wave scoring a 4.5 but couldn’t get out the back again to catch another. I even came in and ran up the beach but just ran out of time!

So round 3 was as far as I made it in this comp which was very dissapointing, but it was good to watch the other competitors ripping. On Sunday the wind went offshore and the waves dropped for the finals. A good mate of mine Dylan Barnfield was on fire the whole comp and managed to take it out, it was a great final to watch.

Big ups to fellow MD Ambassador Daisy Thomas for winning the national title again! What a legend. Daisy and I gave out some Mountain Dew to a bunch of people along the Whangamata beach before her final, everyone was super stoked to meet her and then watch her win!  Check out some of the pics below…

Weekend away December 30, 2009 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

A few weekends ago my wife Mel and I went away to Castlepoint with some good friends of ours. We booked a bach which turned out to be this wicked house on the hill and had awesome surprises like a quadbike with the key in it sitting in the garage!!

When the surf was flat me and my mate Marty went down the beach and did some skimboarding behind his parents landcruiser, it was all good until I fell off at high speed and bent my knee back the wrong way. I heard or should I say felt it crack… and that was the end of that.. I was the new driver for the rest of the day!

We woke up on the Sunday to epic sunshine and fun 2-3ft surf at The Gap with offshore winds! Surfed all arvo! Fun times!

StreetSoundz sale starts tomorrow! November 6, 2009 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

kirk-beyer-profile-clear-70-new1This Saturday and Sunday only, huge discounts on stock at Streetsoundz Wellington . . . And don’t forget to come grab some Mountain Dew off me, I’ll be there for a couple of hours Saturday around lunchtime!

Audio Visual – Pioneer 6.5″ roof mount screen – RRP $1499, Sale $250

Subwoofers – Fusion Reactor RE-Sw120 – RRP $230, Sale $90

Speakers – Pioneer 6 x 9’s TS-A6963E, Sale $89
…with much more in store.

STREETSOUNDZ is on 29 Rugby Street in the Basin Reserve, Wellington

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