Perceptible – The Works of Tim Pierce April 1, 2009 by Friends of Dew, Mountain Dew NZ

Tim Pierce who made MDTV is having an exhibition in Auckland, come along and show your support . . .


Perceptible is a multi media exhibition, displaying a wide range of works from New Zealand photographer and film maker Tim Pierce.

Tim has spent his life travelling New Zealand and abroad documenting action sports and their associated cultures.

Perceptible contains a series of innovative and artistic images that capture New Zealand’s top Snowboard, Mountainbike, and Bmx talent, whilst showcasing New Zealands beauty through eerie dramatic moods, unique textures, shapes and clean crisp images.

Screenings of high definition video projects will also play throughout the 2 week exhibition. Showing Tims diversity in the photographic world.

Be sure you attend to celebrate New Zealand’s beauty and talented sporting culture seen through the lens of New Zealands leading action sport photographer.

You can check out more of Tims work at

MDTV Episode 20 – Pipe Building 101 December 1, 2008 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

A well built 22ft super pipe is a hard thing to find. John Melville takes us through the process of building a half pipe for some of the worlds best riders to enjoy! Includes some of NZ’s biggest halfpipe riding ever seen.


- Holler,

MDTV Ep 19 – Spring Powder at Cardrona October 2, 2008 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

As the season draws to an end, we had planned to do some spring slush sessions at Cardrona. However Huey the snow god provided and we scored Powder on the last day of September. Will Jackways Pooch, Chris Blinkhorne, and Liam Ryan shred some lines, drop some cliffs, and finish up with some fun in the park. Enjoy!!!


Mountain Dew Night Sesh September 9, 2008 by Jeremy Thorns (Snowboarder)

Last Friday was the final of the Mountain Dew night sessions series. To tell you the truth I was kinda glad that I was hurt and was on Photo duties!! The stair set that the comps have been held on is pretty gnarly and has claimed its fair share of riders and the final was no different…check out the MDTV episode that is on

With about 7 guys and 7 chicks game to huck their meat the level of riding was epic! There were all sorts of 270s onto the rail and ledges, combos and change ups on the rail and spins out. Even the chicks were chargin hard! Callie hitting the rail switch and Christy 180 in and out on the ledge!!

Mad Props to everyone in the comp but especially to Pooch for taking the $6000 and Christy for claiming the $3000 for the chicks. Runners up in the guys were Nick Hyne, Wes and Dillon. The girls runner ups were Callie Conaghan, Maia and Shelly.

Here are some pics!!

Nick Pooch

Above: Pooch steezy combo


Above:Callie Backside 5050


Above: Maia 5050 front 1


Above: Pooch doin it the hardway… fakie 270 backlip

Shelly G

Above: Shelly backlipn

Wes Walsh

Above: Wes back 270

Christy Prior

Above: Christy frontboard to fakie


Above: Front 180 on switch back 1 out

Christy Prior

Above: Christy getting PAID!


Above: Pooch will be down sizing this cheque on the way back to the States.$6000 yeow!

MDTV Ep 17 – Mountain Dew Rail Jam Final September 9, 2008 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

With the biggest 1st place prize purses in NZ history the Mountain Dew Night Series came to a close at Snow Park NZ for the grand final Invitational. Featuring Nick Hyne, Wes Walsh, Pooch, Callie Conaghan, Shelly Gotieb, Christy Prior and more….

You can check it out at

- Holler,

Mountain Dew Night Sessions Final September 5, 2008 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

Just got back from Snow Park for the finals of the Mountain Dew Night series. Nick Poochalof took home the mens and $6000 while Christy Prior won the ladies and $3000. The biggest 1st place purses I think NZ has ever seen. RAD!!!! We filmed a MDTV of it so am amping to see that go live. Cool as.

- Holler,

MDTV Ep 15 – How to make a Plague Snowboard August 26, 2008 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

Plague Snowboards is a New Zealand Snowboard manufacturing company based in Queenstown. We decided to have a chat with Plague Snowboards owner Nick Kirkland, and take a look into how a plague snowboard is constructed, followed by a quick shred with Plague Team Rider, Alex Hughes.

To check out the clip go to

MDTV Bonus Ep – Jake Burton Interview August 22, 2008 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

I sat down 1 on 1 with Jake Burton to talk about waves, powder and the best methods!!

To check out the clip go to

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