Whistler: Open for Shredding! November 19, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

nev-profile-clear-70-newIt’s the start of a pretty epic season over here in Whistler. The mountain opened last week and it’s actually been EPIC powder days everyday since opening. We got 140cm of snow in the last 2 days and there’s another 30-40cm forecasted for tonight. The base is already at 2 meters, SICK!

Surfing in Mexico (with pics) November 11, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

nev-profile-clear-70-newOctober is a pretty slow month in the world of snowboarding so my girlfriend Bex and I packed a backpack each and headed to slum it in Mexico for a month. Our main reasons for going there are that it’s cheap and there’s good surf (the water is really warm too which is an added bonus when used to surfing NZ).

Sayulita sunset

Sayulita sunset

We flew into a tourist city name Puerto Vallarta which is fun for a couple of days cos they’ve got so many tourist activities. We did an ATV tour through the jungle and took a boat trip out to some snorkeling spots. It also stopped at a remote beach where we got to ride horses up a mountain to some pretty nice waterfalls.

Interview with Nev Lapwood June 12, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

We had a quick chat with Nev about what he’s been been up to in Canada, what he get’s up to when he’s off the snow and what gets him stoked!

nev-profile-120109NICKNAME: Nev

FAVOURITE MOUNTAIN: Snowpark NZ for park, Whistler Backcountry for Pow

FAVOURITE TERRAIN: Anything with tons of Pow

FAVOURITE TRICK: I really like front 7’s at the moment.

WHAT WOULD YOUR DREAM TRICK BE? I’d like to get a 1080 under my belt.

WHAT OR WHO INSPIRES YOU? Anyone who’s developed an independent lifestyle around what they love to do. Whether that’s being a pro snowboarder or a snowboarder owning a snowboard related business who gets plenty of time to shred. Pro shreds Nicolas Muller, Jake Blauvelt and Travis Rice are killing it.

Burton Stash promo (VIDEO) May 18, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

nev-profile-clear-70-newSnowboard Addiction is currently editing 2 new freestyle instructional DVD’s that were filmed at Northstar this winter in California.

Northstar is also the home to the first “Stash” terrain park which is made of all natural features. This video is a bonus that will be included in our new DVD to promote the Burton Stash parks.

Spring in Whistler April 19, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

nev-profile-clear-70-newIt’s spring now in Whistler and the snow is starting to melt quickly. We still have top to bottom riding and the parks are pretty mint with slushy fun conditions. Here’s a couple of recent pics . . .

NorthStar at Tahoe March 31, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

nev-profile-clear-70-newJust spent a week down at Northstar resort in Tahoe California. It’s was soooo sunny, my lips are real burnt. Burton is pretty strongly associated with Northstar so I was filming a bunch of new freestyle instructional content for www.SnowboardAddiction.com it’s gonna turn out rad so I’ll put something up here when it’s done.

Random photos from Korea March 11, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

nev-profile-clear-70-newFor the last couple of days in Korea, 2 of the guys who were running the snowboard camp gave me a tour around Seoul, the capitol city. There’s 13 million people who live there so it’s pretty dam big. We went to a bumping night club and were given a VIP booth upstairs where we could overlook the packed club and they kept bringing out snacks and a huge fresh fruit platter. I wish they’d start doing this in NZ!

Snowboarding in Korea March 7, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

nev-profile-clear-70-newI’m in Korea at the moment, just finished up coaching a freestyle camp here at a resort called High 1. The snowboarding scene is pretty wild in Korea, it’s important to have new and very colorful outerwear and big stickers and the resorts are really flat with only groomed slopes but they have small terrain parks to play around in. The locals will also cheer and clap for you if you land a 540 or 720 because they’re aren’t used to seeing that.

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