Chicken Jam Mammoth April 1, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

Hey Guys, after the US Open in Vermont I flew to Reno Nevada and dove the racy rental car down thru Carson City and then ended up in Mammoth Cali for the Roxy Chicken Jam in Cali.

Above: Natasha, Rana, Kelly, Linn, Susie, Spencer and me.

This comp is always a fun one, its the end of everyone’s season, its just girls and its mellow and fun. Kind of a great way to finish off. The jumps this year were way bigger and I was blown away at the level of the girls riding.

Backcountry pow March 4, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

So I’m in desperate need of some powder after my break from shredding so we (Dillon, Matto and I) take an ole trip down south to Red Mt pass. Its a gnarly road pass in between Silverton and Montrose in Colorado, lots of the jumps from you favourite shred movies are filmed there …Lame, Afterlame etc you just park up and walk up off the road and find the spots to build.


So trips like this are usually kept to a minimal amount of peps as you don’t wanna have people bombing out ya landing of ya jump but this trip got a little different. Matto had some friends from OZ turn up in town and he didn’t want to bail on them so he brought them with us, 8 dudes in a hotel room 1 jammed packed car, its was interesting to say the least.

So what to do when your hurt? February 27, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

So if you ever wonder what snowboarders get up to when they have some down time …….. well looks like I can answer that question for you.

I had some time off riding after my eXtreme crash I had at the eXtreme Games and I started to struggle with filling up my days soooooo I found this amazing puzzleame ‘wolf song’ which has become the past time of my household.

Best puzzle ever....'wolf song'

Zurich January 26, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

So we got to stay in Zurich for a night before we flew back to Colorado. We def were the best tourists you have ever seen, ok well we didn’t have any maps….(you need a map to be a tourist) but we did take a million pics, check out this beautiful city. So amazing!

Zurich City Switzerland

THe SounDs CONcerT In SwiTZerlAnd January 22, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

So on the last night of the Burton European Open in Switzerland we got to party at the SOUNDS concert, It was so fun. There was no weather day for the competition so know one had to compete the next day so all snowboarders took full advantage of this.

We began in out apartment with some quiet beverages, maybe a white wine spritzer or 2?…..

Laax Switzerland Euro Burton Open January 20, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

Just had the most amazing time in Switzerland, the European Burton Open went off at Laax Mt. I made it through the semis and had a great finals day.

Dropping in early in the morn on finals

Check out this on one of my practice days with a little edge catch off the 2nd jump takeoff…oops. Lucky I was wearing my trusty helmet otherwise may not have been able to compete due to cracked skull. Had to borrow one for the comp so I didnt have my OHAKUNE sticker visible, sorry guys, thanks for staying up and watchin tho :)

Shelly Gotlieb takes Fifth at Burton European Open LAAX, Switzerland January 18, 2010 by Mountain Dew NZ

Laax, SUI Ohakunes Shelly Gotlieb once again proved that shes got what it takes, finishing fifth in Snowboard Slopestyle at the Burton European Open (BEO) and moving her world ranking up to number six.

Gotlieb getting some air at the Burton European Open, Photo Credit: Stef Zeestraten

Gotliebs performance today earned her valuable points towards both the Burton Global Opens Series title (US$ 200,000 prize-money) and the Swatch Ticket To Ride World Championship titles.

She was pleased with her performance commenting, I could have executed a cleaner run, but am very happy with the day overall.

Chickens in a Jam jar January 11, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

So European Roxy Chicken Jam AUSTRIA 2010…. All and all pretty good apart from the lost snowboard bag in Frankfurt which didn’t turn up until the night before my comp and it only got here finally because of my friend Megan’s Mum who called and had words with the airline for me. Thanks Mrs Whiteside :)

Anyhoo was a great comp, lots of girls shredding hard. The jumps were nice and ‘Euro’ so took a bit getting used to after spending all my time on Breckenridge’s perfect jump line but no complaining, managed alright in the end. My runs didn’t quite cut the mustard with a fall or 2 when it counted but still, not the end of the world. Check out some pics from Austria.

Austria Baby

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