Sled to the Summit PHASE 1 May 15, 2010 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

Hey, Got a quick lil blog up from the start of the sled to the summit series.

The first step to get snowmobiles from the states to NZ is to get them put in crates so they can be put on a boat and shipped.



A new show for 2010 (VIDEO) May 7, 2010 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

Hey, we can finally announce one of the new shows that is doing this season.

It’s called ‘The Snodice Sessions’ and you can check the video for more info.


- Holler,

On Holiday April 16, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

Hey Guys. So I’m outties, Goodbye Colorado it was fun. Im off for a wee holiday in Florida and New Orleans, thought I’d treat myself after such hard work all season hehe ;)

Breck spring time was super fun, slushy sunny days, hoodies and sunnie shredding – the best part of the season SPRING.

Sun comes = snow melts = fun pond skim :)

See ya on the flip side…… of the world :)

Northstar Powder with Bevan Hall – Hollerblog April 13, 2010 by Robett Hollis (Snowboarder)

Hey Crew, Tahoe got nearly 2 ft over so Holler and Bevan got amongst it and tested out the new filming monopod and even got to bust a lap through ‘The Stash’. Spring powder = EPIC!

- Holler,

Burton Open 2nd PLACE CRAZY!!!!! March 22, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

Hey guys, just a quick hi and update, US Burton Open was epic, I managed to land my last run of finials and made 2nd Place!  So crazy and so stoked!!!!

I’m in the airport on the way back to Denver so I haven’t much time but here’s a link to check out some pics and results!!!

Thanks so much for the support!!! Yea NZ!!!

US OPEN March 19, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

Hey Guys, just a quick update, I’m in Vermont again for the last stop of the BURTON OPEN SERIES, US Open. Have had a few days of practice and I compete on Friday here in the Semis and hopefully in the finials, Saturday for all in the southern hemi.

You can watch that day of competing on the website or click on to it out.

The course is pretty cool but super slushy as its soooo hot and sunny, will see how the next few days plan out… Fingers crossed everyone :)

NEWS FLASH!!! Wolf Song is completed March 9, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

No words are needed, this is pure art!

Now my work here is done, I can get back to snowboarding :)

1000 pieces of animals inside animals…that’s not square, no big deal

Backcountry pow March 4, 2010 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

So I’m in desperate need of some powder after my break from shredding so we (Dillon, Matto and I) take an ole trip down south to Red Mt pass. Its a gnarly road pass in between Silverton and Montrose in Colorado, lots of the jumps from you favourite shred movies are filmed there …Lame, Afterlame etc you just park up and walk up off the road and find the spots to build.


So trips like this are usually kept to a minimal amount of peps as you don’t wanna have people bombing out ya landing of ya jump but this trip got a little different. Matto had some friends from OZ turn up in town and he didn’t want to bail on them so he brought them with us, 8 dudes in a hotel room 1 jammed packed car, its was interesting to say the least.

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