Morocan Madness May 23, 2010 by Daisy Thomas (Surfer)

Hey People, Hope the season at home is going off! I have been holding off writing a blog as I have not yet uploaded any photos and as you can imagine Morocco does not have the fastest Internet time but I will give you a wee update now.

So I have started work with two weeks of Roxy Surf Weeks which has been crazy but really enjoyable, I am currently sitting very relaxed after a traditional Hammam and massage which consists of wearing paper underwear, getting scrubbed from head to toe and bathed. It is an incredible feeling and your skin comes out feeling the softest it has been since you were a wee tot. After two weeks of solid days in the sun, sand and ocean it was high time for a good relaxation.

It is interesting being a western woman in a Muslim country, at first I felt very vulnerable and out of my depth but as the days go by my surroundings are more familiar. There are not many women you see around the streets and when they are out and about they are covered from head to toe in their traditional jalabas and as you can imagine a western woman sticks out like a sore thumb but it has been nice covering up trying to fit into the culture.

The surf has not been amazing but its warm and I have been meeting some unreal people. Stay tuned for pics and more updates. Chur

Long time no hear… May 7, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Hey guys, Sorry its been so long! I have been away too many times to count and been so busy I cant remember what day it is haha
What have I been up to lately? A bunch of everything to be honest. Was playing the drums at EC10 in Fielding over Easter which was pretty sweet.

I’ve also been surfing (sneaking out during the day) to Lyall bay on a couple of good as swells. But its been mainly the Wellington traditional howling onshore surfs at Titahi Bay for me.

Who else hates day light savings? Losing light at 6pm makes it pretty hard to get a surf ay! I think I need to invest in some spot lights so we can do this…

I’ve also been wakeboarding heaps lately ay. After watching the videos on Brad Smeele’s MD blog I realise that I’m not very good at all haha but I so enjoy doing at. Can nearly land a 360 in the air… that any good? or still a rookie?

Well theres a bit of an update, anyone been scoring those sick swells up North? I saw this shot on this morning of Raglan – hope its like this on Sunday, im up there for a wedding!

VIDEO from my trip to NZ April 25, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Here’s some video footage of my time in NZ…

Waterfall seal pups and sick surf April 20, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Wow today I got to see the craziest thing ever, we walked up to this beautiful little waterfall and there were about 30 seal pups in the water hole playing around with sticks and leaves doing jumps having a ball! Crazy!!! they were so cute!!

The mother seals have been doing this for a few seasons now, but this is the first time I actually got to see it!! its a serious hike for the mothers as it’s easily about 50m up hill from the ocean to the waterfall, over big boulders until they reach this little waterful and have their babies there, its a much safer environment for them. Then when the pups get big enough they swim and slide their way down toward the ocean. Amazing how they found the spot in the first place.

I also have been getting some sick waves, theres been a nice solid south swell the whole time I have been home and have again got my wave quoter up! Kaiks has been rad. Off back to the gold coast tomorrow. Have had so much fun in Enzed once again!

2010 Nats April 6, 2010 by Braedon Williams

Well there’s only one way to say this but I had a shocker in this years annual New Zealand Surfing Nationals.  I was seeded into the seccond round of the Open Mens and I got knocked out 2nd round, that’s it that’s all haha . . .

After being knocked out this allowed me to have a lot more free surfing time on my hands.  So for the next 3 days I just got to cruise round Gizzy surfing really good waves, can’t complain at all huh!  I’m back in Whanaga now and have had the last three days pumping!  The beach has been really good with some great banks, the Bars been alright but really crowded so nothing new there . . . I’m off for Promite on toast :)

Feelers, fireworks and friends March 30, 2010 by Daisy Thomas (Surfer)

Spaceships campervan hire NZ and picked up my Spaceship, got lost (as per usual) on my way out to Port Waikato and finally ended up at the final destination.

Us ladies about to head out for our semi final, picture by Dave?

Morning came and it was a struggle to get out of my cosy bed and brave the howling onshore wind and mellow rain drops outside, but I did and it was straight down to the contest site where solid wild west coast waves were rolling through. Port Waikato was the final destination for the Pro Longboard Tour so there was a fantastic turn out from southerners to Australians. The chica dees all charged when it came down to the finals and the boys were shredding the big west coast walls. Next stop Gisborne for the National Shortboard Championships!

I will leave you with these pics to illustrate the weekend. Yee ow

Thanks Whale Watch Kaikoura March 29, 2010 by Angie Koops (Surfer)

Jucy Rental and heading to Gisborne for the NZ Surfing Nationals on the 1-5th of April and then over to Taranaki for the NZ Women’s Open on the 10-11th of April!  This one is a biggy as it’s part of the ASP World Tour and the winner of the Open division will receive wildcard entry to the ASP Womens World Tour Championship tour event!!!

But first of all I want to say a big thanks to Whale Watch Kaikoura for getting me over to the Nationals and to Taranaki! I feel so blessed to have their support!  So awesome!  Hey seriously if any of you go to Kaikoura, go check out our majestic whale buddies out! A few months ago I went on the Gold Coast Whale watching tour next to Sea World (as I’m been based over here at the mo) and it was incredible!!

A manky weekend March 8, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Usually at surf comps I go to the problem is that the waves are too small . . . at Whangamata on the weekend for the Hyundai Pro Longboard tour it was the opposite – the waves were too big. Well, not too big but just ugly and too much water.

Join that with the fact that I’m unfit and you get me in my heat paddling for 20mins trying to get out the back. Caught one wave scoring a 4.5 but couldn’t get out the back again to catch another. I even came in and ran up the beach but just ran out of time!

So round 3 was as far as I made it in this comp which was very dissapointing, but it was good to watch the other competitors ripping. On Sunday the wind went offshore and the waves dropped for the finals. A good mate of mine Dylan Barnfield was on fire the whole comp and managed to take it out, it was a great final to watch.

Big ups to fellow MD Ambassador Daisy Thomas for winning the national title again! What a legend. Daisy and I gave out some Mountain Dew to a bunch of people along the Whangamata beach before her final, everyone was super stoked to meet her and then watch her win!  Check out some of the pics below…

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