Long time no hear… May 7, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Hey guys, Sorry its been so long! I have been away too many times to count and been so busy I cant remember what day it is haha
What have I been up to lately? A bunch of everything to be honest. Was playing the drums at EC10 in Fielding over Easter which was pretty sweet.

I’ve also been surfing (sneaking out during the day) to Lyall bay on a couple of good as swells. But its been mainly the Wellington traditional howling onshore surfs at Titahi Bay for me.

Who else hates day light savings? Losing light at 6pm makes it pretty hard to get a surf ay! I think I need to invest in some spot lights so we can do this…

I’ve also been wakeboarding heaps lately ay. After watching the videos on Brad Smeele’s MD blog I realise that I’m not very good at all haha but I so enjoy doing at. Can nearly land a 360 in the air… that any good? or still a rookie?

Well theres a bit of an update, anyone been scoring those sick swells up North? I saw this shot on surf.co this morning of Raglan – hope its like this on Sunday, im up there for a wedding!

StreetSoundz sale May 7, 2010 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

Its that time again folks! If you’re in Wellington this weekend and in need of some doof doof for your vehicle then head on down to StreetSoundz to score the best prices! Waaay cheaper than trademe even!

If your one of the first 5 people there in the morning to buy something then you get a free 12inch sub and a Mountain Dew Tshirt!

Also on the Sunday from 11am for the Bass Heavy, there will be a soundoff – for more details or to register please contact Krishna on 04 382 8002.

Look out for the Massive Mountain Dew can when driving around the basin! Theres gona be heaps of free drinks so whether your gona buy something or your bored and wana have look and score a Mountain Dew then head on down to StreetSoundz Wellington this Sat and Sunday 8-9th May

Mumsdollar Wellington show!! December 7, 2009 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

kirk-beyer-profile-clear-70-new1I was priviledged to organise and run the Wellington show of Mumsdollars final tour before they break up as a band.

Mumsdollar are my favourite NZ band, they are so good!  And on Saturday night they played the best concert I’ve ever been to.  About 550 people showed up to The Rock church at 7pm for the show.

We had a Mountain Dew fridge on stage for the band to give out cans to the audience and drink between songs. The auditorium got so hot that all 276 cans were given out… as an organiser of the event I freak out about drinks being spilt on the carpet cause I have to clean it up or pay for it – but cause everyone was so hot, out of 276 cans of Mountain Dew not one drip was spilt on the floor!! Stoked!!

What a mean show, check these photos taken by my mate Josh Barr  (www.joshbarr.com)

mumsdollar 1 (1)

Mumsdollar playing in Wellington this Saturday November 30, 2009 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer), Uncategorized

kirk-beyer-profile-clear-70-new1Mumsdollar is an awesome band! They recently won the NZ Music Award for best Christian artists.

But after years of being rockstars they are breaking up and doing other things. Not going out without a bang, they are doing a final NZ tour, and they are playing in Wellington…. This Saturday 5th December at The Rock Church 7pm!

Tickets are only $10 and you can get them from here: http://www.undertheradar.co.nz/utr/tickets/ID/692/Mumsdollar_Tour.utr

It is gona be an incredible show so make sure you get there! Im sure they will be playing this song, check it out:

Here are more details on the tour:

Saturday at Tbay November 30, 2009 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

kirk-beyer-profile-clear-70-new1Saturday was all time at Titahi Bay!!

I surfed in the morning – howling onshore but some nice 4ft waves coming through then went home for some bacon and eggs.
At 12.30 it went offshore so back down the road to the beach I went and surfed for 3hours in perfect 3ft offshore waves. The only issue was the crowds! I dont know who most of them were or where they came from, but everyone who owns a surfboard in Wellington seemed to be out.
I went back out at 5pm when the tide started to pick the swell up again, had another epic surf, this time in a short arm 2/2 wetty – yes the water is actually warming up in Wellington!!

Gotta be stocked with 6 and a half hours of surfing for a Saturday!  Especially when Titahi bay usually goes flat after 30mins of offshore wind on it!

Did anyone else score it??

The great town of Ohakune (with pics) November 11, 2009 by Shelly Gotlieb (Snowboarder)

shelly-profile-70-clear-new1So when the season ended at Mt Ruapehu this week, we decided that everyone should get together and celebrate the hard work and good times of the winter months. This also happened to be the perfect time to have a fundraiser and raise some much needed funds by having a BBQ party with lots of Mountain Dew and Export 33 and include an auction in the festivities for my travel costs for the overseas comps this coming season.

Well deserved

Well deserved

The Steetsoundz sale! November 10, 2009 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

kirk-beyer-profile-clear-70-new1Last Saturday and Sunday were stunner days in Wellington, perfect weather to have a massive car audio sale!!

Streetsoundz Wellington were literally giving away car speakers! First thing Saturday morning there were about 60 guys and gals waiting outside the door ready to rush in to be one of the first 5 customers that received a free $120 Fusion Sub woofer. The shop was jam packed for the first couple of hours and then had a consistant flow of bargain hunters for the rest of the weekend.

a full fridge The radio stations were there and ofcourse Mountain Dew was there! I had the fridge inside the shop next to the DJ table where people could help themselves as they were picking their soundz!

Streetsoundz have finished their sale but always have good deals going on so go in and have a chat to them, do your car and your ears a favour!! You can check out some more pics from the weekend here…

StreetSoundz sale starts tomorrow! November 6, 2009 by Kirk Beyer (Surfer)

kirk-beyer-profile-clear-70-new1This Saturday and Sunday only, huge discounts on stock at Streetsoundz Wellington . . . And don’t forget to come grab some Mountain Dew off me, I’ll be there for a couple of hours Saturday around lunchtime!

Audio Visual – Pioneer 6.5″ roof mount screen – RRP $1499, Sale $250

Subwoofers – Fusion Reactor RE-Sw120 – RRP $230, Sale $90

Speakers – Pioneer 6 x 9’s TS-A6963E, Sale $89
…with much more in store.

STREETSOUNDZ is on 29 Rugby Street in the Basin Reserve, Wellington

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