Christmas in Whistler December 26, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

Yo everybody, Just finished Christmas here in beautiful Whistler BC. Lots of good food and drink combined with a visit from Santa made for a fun few days.  Nothing beats shredding on a belly full of turkey.

I’ve been super busy with Snowboard Addiction recently. We just released our latest free video. Check it out below.

We’ve also got our community page up and runnin which has all the latest SA news

Anyways, I’m gonna go grab a bite to eat and then head into town. Fire and Ice show tonight, should be sick.

Catch you all later,


Whistler: Open for Shredding! November 19, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

nev-profile-clear-70-newIt’s the start of a pretty epic season over here in Whistler. The mountain opened last week and it’s actually been EPIC powder days everyday since opening. We got 140cm of snow in the last 2 days and there’s another 30-40cm forecasted for tonight. The base is already at 2 meters, SICK!

Spring in Whistler April 19, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

nev-profile-clear-70-newIt’s spring now in Whistler and the snow is starting to melt quickly. We still have top to bottom riding and the parks are pretty mint with slushy fun conditions. Here’s a couple of recent pics . . .

Powder in Whistler & trip to Korea February 26, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

nev-profile-clear-70-newWhistler is getting dumped on, we had about 60cm in the last few days and a bunch more in the forecast for the next few days. I just picked up a old snowmobile so will be hitting the backcountry pretty hard in the near future. Had my first day out on the new sled yesterday.

Tomorrow I’m off to Korea for 2 weeks to coach a freestyle camp. Check out to see some of the freestyle techniques we’ll be using. I’ve never been to Asia before so it should be a rad experience. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Sunny times and Vegas January 22, 2009 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

Whistler’s been getting some amazing sunny weather over the last week or so and surprisingly warm weather for January. Perfect conditions for the black park which is limited to riders with a special pass and helmets are compulsary. The park’s been sick with a combo line of 4 jumps approximately 40ft, 50ft, 50ft and 60ft. Definitely in need of some more snow though for the rest of the resort, it’s looking a bit thin. I’m off to Las Vegas for North Americas biggest snowboard trade show next week to try secure some new funding for a instructional snowboard DVD I’m looking to produce with my company:

All the new shiz for 2010 will be showcased down there and plently of parties thrown in the mix. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Cold Snap & Peak 2 Peak Gondola December 15, 2008 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

Were having a cold snap up here in Whistler at the mo. Approximately -25 degrees today on the mountain. It usually doesn’t get that cold up here but we’ve had a bit of snow too so definitely some fun shredding to be had.

The Peak 2 Peak Gondola opened up here on Friday. It’s now the longest and highest gondola in the world and conects both Whistler and Blackcomb with an 11 minute trip. 2 of the cabins have glass bottoms which is pretty rad, had a ride in one of them yesterday.

Were still waiting for the big dumps here, it’s been a slow start to the season but will be pumping soon.

Catch ya, Nev

Whistler Season Opening December 1, 2008 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

Whistler has just re-opened for the season. It’s a bit of slow start with not tons of snow but it’s still snowboarding so fun as ever. There was about 20cm of fresh over the resort on opening day so by NZ standards it would have been an epic powder day. Lots of hidden rocks with no base so a few core shots going down.

Both Whistler and Blackcomb have a small park setup already, mostly jibs so all in all it’s been rad! Looking forward to some more pow which will be on it’s way shortly.

Costa Rica November 25, 2008 by Nev Lapwood (Snowboarder)

The last month up here in Whistler Canada is probably the worst month of the year in terms of weather so my girlfriend and I ducked off to Costa Rica for a couple of week. Costa Rica is smack in the middle of north and south america, a few countries below Mexico and home to some of the world’s sickest surf. There’s a break called Pavones where you can get 5 minute plus rides. We traveled to a bunch of different spots and saw things like huge waterfalls, an erupting volcano and monkeys. The best spot we went was called Santa Terresa, which is a pretty quite surfing town. Flights from Canada to Costa Rica are pretty cheap and once you’re there it’s even cheaper. Makes for a rad holiday and it’s definitely nice to surf in really warm water before heading into another winter.


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