The Top Selling Games of 2009: Let the Fanboys Begin February 7, 2009 by XBOX

Edge have put together their estimates of the 60 Biggest Selling Games of the Last 12 Months, combining European and US sales data and estimates. Accurate figures are notoriously hard to come by, so the exact rankings of games on their list won’t necessarily mean too much, and it is worthwhile taking note that all the games on the list are deemed to be “million” sellers so could be seen as relatively successful in their own right depending on the title.

Wii Music comes in at #33, pipped by Kung Fu Panda at #32, which must surely have been helped by the Xbox 360 console bundle. I’m not entirely sure of the rationale behind the calculations though – Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures sits at #12 with 4 million sales but said “not to include bundles” (Kung Fu Panda’s 1.6 million does not carry the same statement).

Metal Gear Solid 4 features at #18 – somewhat surprisingly it was only one place ahead of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games for DS (the Wii version released in 2007). Both games are said to have sold about 2.5 million.

Click past the break to find out the what the top 10 games were – 3 Nintendo first party titles features in the top 10 so there is no doubt that their pockets will be well lined to face the tough economic times ahead.

NXE (Xbox 360) Avatars Get European Football Strips February 7, 2009 by XBOX

A new set of clothing has been released for avatars in the NXE. No All White tops for local fans, but the national strips for 18 European countries is now available for free. When you next sign into the avatar editor, any new clothing options will carry a gold star to denote that they have been added since your last sign in.

For a full list of available team shirts, click past the break.

Rumour: Limited Edition RE5 360 Console to be released February 7, 2009 by XBOX

Ars technica are reporting that there is to be a limited edition Xbox 360 console to be released, with a Resident Evil 5 theme. Their mole previously supplied early information about Xbox 360 price drops in September 2008 so has proven solid so far.

The details supplied are that a bundle is to be released containing:

  • * Red Xbox 360 console
  • * Red controller
  • * Copy of Resident Evil 5
  • * Exclusive Resident Evil 5 NXE theme
  • * Download coupon for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD

There is no word on pricing, which markets it will be available in, or any pictures on what any of this will look like. The image above is based on a mockup from Kotaku.

When it comes to Skate 2, Money buys you everything February 7, 2009 by XBOX

You’ve just forked out $120 for the brand new Skate game, take it home, and hook up to the game servers to find out what’s on offer at the store. There’s the usual micro-transactions you’ve come to expect of games these days – new clothing, new looks, new boards. But as everyone knows, Time is Money (especially those at EA it seems). And in the corner of your eye you see DLC that is so named.

Meteos War Review (Xbox 360) February 7, 2009 by XBOX

Meteos first released on the DS back in 2005, and the 4 years since its release nothing has really attempted to challenge its success, so it was fairly certain that with the growth of the downloadable market smaller puzzle titles like Meteos would soon arrive.


It has been a while since the “line 3 blocks in a row” genre has really been utilised to its full potential, and we finally have a contender for XBLA’s best. But how does it fare, and has the 4 year long wait been worth it?

New Burnout Paradise Update for fans of the originals. February 7, 2009 by XBOX

While Burnout Paradise was visually amazing, incredibly fun to play, and had a bunch of free downloads which added the ability to use bikes as well as giving us gamers more game modes to enjoy, there was something fairly flawed about having to drive back to the start of a race for the simple option of restarting. Hitting start and selecting restart was an artform all of its own in previous Burnout titles, and was a necessity for anyone determined to 100% the title. Not having this option in Burnout Paradise stopped me and many other gamers from fully enjoying the game, and even caused many to never putting it back in their machines.


Well Criterion have news for us. On February 6th yet another free update releases with a whole slew of changes to the racing title, but for me and many others, the big change comes in the form of being able to restart mid-race.

Check their press release for information on this addition, and the MANY free others (including the in-game store, tweaked visuals, vehicle overhauls and time speed changes) coming on February 6th.

Press release

Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell Sequels Confirmed for 2009 by Ubisoft January 24, 2009 by XBOX

Not a lot of detail, but Ubisoft have confirmed sequels for Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell will be released in the coming financial year, which could be anywhere up until March 2010. However one would assume that Christmas 2009 will be targeted.

The original Assassin’s Creed drew polarising opinions, with the main complaint being from many who found the game structure repetitive. If this is addressed, then I can see a lot of gamers giving the franchise a second chance.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon will also get some treatement this year, as well as the game our younger sisters will be hanging out for: Petz.

Full details of Ubisoft’s announcement are at: videogaming247.

GTA IV DLC pricing announced January 24, 2009 by XBOX

Rockstar have announced today The Lost and Damned DLC for GTA IV will cost 1600 Microsoft points when it is released on February 17. That’s $26.67 for Kiwis, which represents a bargain compared to our US counterparts who will be shelling out USD $20 for the download, although Yanks can get a bonus 2 sided poster with their XBL download codes by ordering from Gamestop.

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