Wounded wing = tourist time!!!! March 17, 2010 by Christy Prior (Snowboarder), Uncategorized

I’ve been making the most of being of the snow with a bit of sight seeing…

…Soooooooo…what I’ve been up to while on the FAST road to recovery!!!!….. (I hope)

Nature walks to the banff springs hotel -magnificent!! and it most definitely lives up to that label!!!

The view off the back- story has it that this gigantic piece of architecture was built facing the wrong way around – as the international designer came over to Banff to see how it was going and, it was going… just the wrong way around!! They counted there losses and keep going anyway, it’s still a beautiful, humbling place I never would have noticed the difference!! :)

BANFF SPRINGS IS HAUNTED!!!!! and sure enough there was no leaving until we checked out the 12th floor’s mystery missing door…. story has it that at this spot (-see how there is a light above where a door should be?…) the door was filled in because of certain happenings that went down in this room many years ago!! highly recommend checking out this link for more ghost stories at this hotel-scary stuff!!!!!!!!!


Haunted or not…. its still breath taking!!!!!!

The Beu falls nature walk….

There is something about water + snow/iceĀ  that gets me!! I don’t know, i just love it!!

Weather or not this was a smart move I will leave for you to decide but looks cool huh? hahaa.

The ladies on a day trip to Calgary…. the big smoke! haha

Straight outa hosiptal, whhhhat!!!!

And then onto C.O.P Calgary Olympic Park to look… but not touch!! :(

All in all im not going to lie, its breaking my little heart being in this amazing place where there is so much oppitunity but breaking myself of resulted in NO SHRED TIME!!

Doing my best to keep busy, getting around seeing some things -even started painting again… promise to put a pic up when its complete!

Had a check up with my surgen yesterday and she said.. 3months!!!! “3 whole months” until I can ride hard again, 6weeks and I can get back on my board keeping it mellow but the only problem with that is- Im leaving Canada then!!! :( but on the bright side, NZ season will just be around the corner when I get home and my drive, passion and stoak levels will be bursting at the seems by then so its onnnnn this coming season!!

WATCH THIS SPACE….. hahahaa!!!

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